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    whole prime ribeye from costco for dry aging?

    I have one aging from there right now. It was $8.99 / lb. I got the choice cut because I didn't think it was worth the extra $ since was dry aging. I had to ask the butcher for a whole one because they didn't have any out. They also had prime, but it was $10.99 / lb. It will be at 42 days this...
  2. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    First Competition!!

    You can get anything online....SRF (Snake River Farms) would gladly send some your way I would think...but then you would be breaking the bank, but you new found friends would love you even more...
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    Butterball Turkey

    I just did a 16 lb bird this past Friday. I always inject, never brine...cooked at 275 for about 4 hours. Turned out fantastic. Injection Recipe 1/2 stick butter - melted 1 Tbs lemon juice 1/2 tsp white pepper 2 Tbs fav poultry rub (put into spice grinder so it doesn't clog needle) 1/2 can...
  4. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    First Competition!!

    If you get to pick the meat...I would go with some brisket burnt ends and pork belly burnt ends...able to slice up into nice bite size pieces and shouldn't break the bank...
  5. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Beef Shoulder Clod - French Dip Sandwiches (Pic Heavy!)

    I like to smoke a whole sirloin and then slice thin for sammies...have never seen that cut in the stores here... Is that Booker's you are drinking...box looks familiar...one of my fav bourbons...
  6. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Sponsored Giveaway for Inkbird 150 feet Bluetooth signal barbecue thermometer IBT-4XS with 4 probes

    I would use it to monitor all the meats I cook for the annual Octepenfest bbq and beer drinking party. It is an annual cook where I host and cook for about 100 people each year just because. People feast on brisket, pulled pork, turkey, sides and appetizers out the wazoo. To top off the bbq...
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    Split Size

    I find that the smaller splits are a lot easier to get started in the firebox and really cuts down on the time your meat is exposed to the thick white smoke. I don't have a burn barrel so I preheat on top of the firebox and then leave the door open a couple of minutes after adding them until...
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    Easiest way to store ribs in the fridge?

    couldn't you roll them up and put them into a food save container and remove the air if you want a 'container' to keep them in...
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    Corned beef cheeks

    Since you are smoking them, wouldn't that make them Pastrami-cheeks...they sound delicious...
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    Dry Aged Boneless Ribeye questions

    Thinking about dry aging a boneless ribeye in an umai bag...planning on going 45 - 60 days and had a few questions... Can you freeze the steaks after aging.... How important is maintaining the humidity and if need to, what %? Is it really important when using the bags? What size bags are...
  11. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Parking Spot??

    Does the DMV hand out mirror placards to allow you to park there? I gotta get one. If not, I am going to make one...
  12. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    What do you pay for wood?

    lets see...2/3 cf for $20 => $30 /cf, a chord is 128 cf, so you are paying $3840 per chord. just saying....
  13. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    What do you pay for wood?

    You should check on craigslist. I saw a whole chord of oak splits seasoned for $220 with add'l for delivery to different areas. You may also be able to make friends with a tree trimmer and get it for free. I picked up half a chord of apple, not split for free this past fall. Also saw a half...
  14. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Compare to McRib

    I ate there last week...my brother lives a mile away...good stuff.
  15. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Root beer brewing

    - stupid computer posted response mult times...
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