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    Reverse seared beef tenderloin

    Thanks Gary! You might have to cook up a batch soon lol! Thanks... Yeah I know its not all the loin and true fillets but boy is it good! The scrap doesn't bother me it tastes great! Heck for 20 bones you cant go wrong!
  2. FishAndBeer

    Fur and Fowl...

    btw where were you hunting at with that much snow and those temps?? Itching for ice fishing over here :emoji_grin:
  3. FishAndBeer

    Fur and Fowl...

    great looking plate of food! Not a fan of sweets but if I do dive in... lemon Meringue is my go to favorite if I want some!
  4. FishAndBeer

    Reverse seared beef tenderloin

    Cheers tag it was thank you! thanks jcam... My local store is Kroger owned haha I grabbed a couple on that deal... and the chicken dumpling soup was awesome... one of my favorites!!
  5. FishAndBeer

    Blackstone Mexican Fiesta

    You won't regret getting one! Trust me LOL!
  6. FishAndBeer

    Jalapeno Cheese Steaks

    Looks awesome Jake! Love a good cheese steak... I may try adding Jalapenos during cooking .. I usually throw some giardiniera on them when there finished!
  7. FishAndBeer

    Reverse seared beef tenderloin

    Thanks Jake! It hit the spot for sure!
  8. FishAndBeer

    Reverse seared beef tenderloin

    Thanks! I don't always use my blackstone to reverse sear but I had it ready to go... Man do I love that thing
  9. FishAndBeer

    Blackstone Mexican Fiesta

    Dang everything looks great!! It was upper 60's the past few days here in WI as well... Makes me wanna fire up the stone and make some fish tacos this week :emoji_ok_hand:
  10. FishAndBeer

    Reverse seared beef tenderloin

    Thanks Haha, next time! I picked up a couple of them!! Thank you... it tasted great
  11. FishAndBeer

    Reverse seared beef tenderloin

    My local grocery store had tenderloins on sale for 7.99 a lb. I picked one up and decided to revearse sear it whole... Started my coals with some post oak and got the kettle up to around 250... while it was warming up I put a foil pan in there with a stick of butter, some rosemary, fresh minced...
  12. FishAndBeer

    Two Tone Tri Tip

    @TNJAKE should work for that company, I bought the rub on his recommendation as well and love it! That tri tip looks awesome!
  13. FishAndBeer

    First rump roast

    looks great!
  14. FishAndBeer

    Free Time in Carolina

    Welcome from Wisconsin!
  15. FishAndBeer

    Smoked Wings. Last Meal?

    Wishing for a speedy recovery for your whole household Jake... Those wings look fantastic!
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