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    The below is my statement regarding SMF mgmt action "deleting" a possible controversial post/thread!  Specifically " I purchased my MES from Sam's, BUT! During all these years I have restrained myself from posting anything that would be considered controversial or in violation of the TOA.  My...
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    Adding an element to my 18” WSM to make it work via electricity

    The water can be preheated to boiling temp on the stove, so that is a NON issue.  Be honest how many times will you smoke 3 pork shoulders or more than 3 racks of ribs?  Even if you are smoking 20+ pounds your cook time is simply longer, you will be surprised that it will not be that much...
  3. deltadude

    Adding an element to my 18” WSM to make it work via electricity

    Doing a rough calculation for heating a 3.9 cu ft cylinder, to raise the temp from 50º F to 275º would require approx 2578 BTU/hour or 755 watt, that is no internal load (cold meat), just heating air.  There for a 1200-1300 watt element should do the job.  If outdoor ambient drops lower than 50º...
  4. deltadude

    2012 MES 40 vs. Old Model MES 40

    Todd, excellent writeup comparison! The old saying if it's NOT broke don't fix it, obviously doesn't apply to Masterbuilt and their continuous design tweaking of the MES.  Instead of bling fluff (bigger window, fancier front control, new layout of water pan & drain pan) which arguably doesn't...
  5. deltadude

    Garage Smoking Station for my MES 30

    Looks like your well on your way to a MES smoking cave.  Dang, too bad you had to tear down the workbench though. Thanks for taking the time to take some pictures and post them for us.
  6. deltadude

    MES 40 not heating up.

    Are you using an extension cord? Sometimes the controller can lockup, if you go for a period without seeing the cabinet temp changing then do a reset.  The proper way to reset the MES control is to first shut off the MES at the control using the on/off button.  Next unplug the MES for 10-20...
  7. deltadude

    Newbie to Smoking - MES 30 is awesome, and a big thanks to everyone on these forums

    stygshore, nice writeup about your success with the MES 30!  Welcome to SMF and thanks for posting some Qview Pics. Sounds like your making good Q cause the neighbors want some.  
  8. deltadude

    Problems with mes 40!!! Plus Q view

    You shouldn't have any issues returning that MES since you bought it from Sams.  Glad you had a great first cook on your pork butt.  Yes the meat has a lot of fat so you can do "no foil", and the meat will still be tasty and not dry.  Personally I like to foil for a bit, your right the bark...
  9. deltadude

    FREAKIN A!!!!! MES took a crap I think

    Preheating the MES is essential once the temp drop below 45º or even higher for 800 watt MES 40 units like mine.  If you stick meat that is at room temp into a MES that sat outside all day or night and the temp is say 32º, very little cooking is going to happen until the internal metal is heated...
  10. deltadude

    Repair help needed!

    I am not sure you can get heat resistant wire at Home Depot or Lowes....
  11. deltadude

    MES Model Number Question

    You many find out that you got the better of the two units.  So far we haven't heard overwhelming praise for the latest version of MES 40.
  12. deltadude

    Problems with mes 40!!! Plus Q view

    Smoken11b, a little leakage around the door seal in one or two small spots is normal.  You can mod the gasket and make it so it doesn't leak but the money spent & time are not worth it.  The seal around the door window is another thing,  that does look like expanded insulation, if you haven't...
  13. deltadude

    smoke in my mes 40

    Todd is the man!  He works hard to make a quality product, then supports his business personally.  The reason every other posts in the Electric Forum mentions an AMNPS is because they just plain work, and Todd makes the process easy to go online and buy, plus his personal touch makes things happen.
  14. deltadude

    ???'s to the MES gods.

    tomolu5, welcome to SMF and congrats on your NEW MES!  You are now a member of the MES owners club here at SMF. Tom, you sound like you can tackle most issues with that smoker, plus you have the advantage to access materials and equipment needed to make nice modifications.  The best advice is...
  15. deltadude

    smoke in my mes 40

    chefboyartie,  welcome to the SMF Electric Smoker forum. Rather than answer your question directly, it is probably better that you read back through 5-10 pages of posts, you will not only find the answer you seek asked multiple times & the corresponding answers, but you will learn a lot about...
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