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  1. Dantij

    Yoder Wichita vs Lang

    I've been smoking on a Lang 48 for just over a year and the thing is awesome. I considered the Yoder but ultimately went with the reverse flow Lang. Absolutely zero regrets! With the upgrades, mine weighs in at 800 pounds. As Al stated , it's easy to use, maintains its heat, and cleans up in...
  2. Dantij

    Newbee with Questions about offset

    I use mostly wood when starting my fires. I'll add a big handful of charcoal about 20 minutes before I throw food on. The charcoal added in allows for a nice long burn before I have to add wood for refueling.
  3. Dantij

    Bbq Guru on Lang Smokers

    I agree. Got The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower as a gift and haven't seen a big difference between fire management and fuel consumption. I cook on a Lang 48 and I'm able to regulate temps just fine without it. I've only tried the blower 2 times thus far. I was really hoping to burn less wood but...
  4. Dantij

    McRib is back! Limited time only.

    You and me both!
  5. Dantij

    McRib is back! Limited time only.

    That's The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower. 2nd time using it. It kept the temps very steady which I was able to do without it. It's supposed to decrease fuel consumption but I'm not impressed with that aspect. I'll keep trying.
  6. Dantij

    McRib is back! Limited time only.

    Baby backs smoked with cherry and hickory. Bones removed after the cook. Pickles went on after the pictures. Was going to make a better presentation but the family was anxiously waiting. Delicious!
  7. Dantij

    Looking at getting into the world of stick burners

    Lang all the way!
  8. Dantij

    Thinking about this WSM. Positives/Negatives ?

    I've been cooking on the 22 for 10 years and the thing is awesome. Never used a guru. Didn't see the need for one. I've done over night cooks and held temps thru the night and into the morning. Cleanup is a little messy with the water pan but it's worth the reward. Look into the stainless...
  9. Dantij

    got my WSM today

    The cajun bandit is the way to go. Bought the stainless steel door, fits perfectly, retains the heat better than the original, and it looks cool!
  10. Dantij

    Northern Stick Burner Users

    I'm just south of Chicago and keep my Lang outdoors under a cover. I've had it for one year and you will get a little rust on the firebox that is not from the elements but from the paint flaking off due to the high heat. Nothing a can of high heat paint can't fix!! Bought my cover from...
  11. Dantij

    How long to get offset smoker up to temp?

    I recommend you learn how to cook on your pit before you start cooking with a guru. You'll have a much better understanding of temperature control, fluctuations, amount of fuel to use, etc.
  12. Dantij

    Heating up smoker

    Wow, I'm shocked to see that door bulging like that. Send that pic in to Yoder. See what they say before trying to "fix it" yourself. You might be creating more problems if not done right.
  13. Dantij

    Heating up smoker

    Post some pics please.
  14. Dantij

    Heating up smoker

    ...that's a lot of steel that needs to be heated up so taking the temp up to 300° will help give you more even temps across the chamber. Is it new? That's a well made smoker. I doubt you are having trouble with leaks.
  15. Dantij

    Heating up smoker

    You're not using enough wood for that size smoker. I cook on an Lang 48 offset and I usually burn 4 -5 wood splits along with 10 briquettes to bring the temp @ 300°. That's a
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