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  1. caveman

    Caveman is a lurkin around here somewhere...............

    Thank you very much.  Glad to be back around people that know about good meat and such.  Yes, they allow propane.  But only area defined grills not smokers.  I will post some pics soon, just so you guys can get a good laugh & cry with me.  HA!  Can you believe that?  Heya Butcher!!  AMNPS?  I...
  2. caveman

    Caveman is a lurkin around here somewhere...............

    You know, I had to move and the place I am in now is so much, much more quieter & safer.  My wife was laid off after seven years of employment in the same year we were going to make our first home purchase.  Go figure.  We had to leave the old neighborhood because the "Riff Raff" was growing in...
  3. caveman

    My BBQ grillware smoker

    Everything looks good.  Too bad you didn't get any fattie.  That's why I always make two of them when I get the chance.  Once you have one, you'll see why.  Great work for your daughter's 2nd. 
  4. caveman

    Spanish Rice Casserole round 2 and More q-view of That Iron.

    If you don't live in Tornado alley, then I am on my way.  Save a corner for me.
  5. caveman

    Dealing with the Pink Color in smoking and BBQ'ing

     +2...........I would love to see that being a fellow Southern Californian.
  6. caveman

    Beef Primerib Burgers!

     Go on & "RUB" it in why don't cha!!!!
  7. caveman

    Smoked Burger secret?

    That guy with his 8 year old burger secret is pulling your chain.  What a bunch of hooey!!  Get them patties made & smoke some burgers up & you will find out quickly that they don't fall apart.  If you want to stuff em, stuff em.  I give mine a tad more time when stuffed.  Like RB said, like...
  8. caveman

    Decisions Decisions. Which ES to purchase

    Welcome to SMF Lucindy.  Stop over in "Roll Call" & introduce yourself so that you can get the SMF welcome you deserve.  Now, as for an ES, I personally use the 22.5 Weber Smokey Mountain, & I swear by it.  (Literally.  I stand next to it, have a beer & then I swear 'cause I don't have meat...
  9. caveman

    Beef Primerib Burgers!

    It still gets the job done!!  ()  Been lost in a fog with my teenage child who graduated last year from high school, another one coming up behind her & the 10 year old trying out all manner of sports.  (Basketball looks to be her calling at 5'7" & 10 years old.  Just bought her a pair of...
  10. caveman

    My first ever Smoking experience.....Not Bad...

    Quote:Originally Posted by golson     All,  Well I was real nervous but not too much. I started my saturday shopping for a 4 pound whole chicken. I found two from Publix. I took them home and prepared my Brine. I never brined before either so it was a first. I used (@font-face {...
  11. caveman

    Hope Y'all are Happy Now

    Hello Arnie & Craig.  My name is Anthony & I am a smoker too.  I am getting my 1 year smoking chip next month.  Woo-Hoo!!  (Isn't corruption so wonderful?)
  12. caveman

    Beef Primerib Burgers!

    Good luck on the sale.  Those burgers were off the chain.  Send a package of that to Calif for me please!!!
  13. caveman

    2 Pork Butts 1 sweet & 1 savory w/ QView

    My drool kept running sideways.  Great job with the details & variation of the smoke. 
  14. caveman

    Smoking Beef Ribs

    Great looking smoke of some great looking meat.  Thanks for the follow up & the qview. 
  15. caveman

    Ribs were disappointing - Any advice?

    I would have loved to see the qview on this one.  That may have helped with the trouble shooting process as well.  It sounds like everyone has thrown some good advice your way as you have assessed the situation up as well.  I hope your next smoke is more pleasing for you & we really would love...
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