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    Your favorite sides?

    Favourite side: Outside!
  2. cansmoke

    Country style ribs

    I cooked up a rack of country style ribs yesterday in the MES 30. Ran it for 3 hrs at 250F and used maple wood chips. The rub is smoked paprika, onion, garlic and salt. I use dijon mustard to help the rub adhere to the meat. I smoked potatoes after rubbing them with kosher salt. I also made up...
  3. cansmoke

    Happy Birthday John!!

    Happy birthday, John.
  4. cansmoke

    noob question - do I need smoke all the time I am cooking?

    I try and generate smoke for first half of cook time. I get a nice level of smoke. Anything more turns the meat acrid.
  5. cansmoke

    Christmas Gift Rollcall

    Two bbq cookbooks: Operation BBQ's and Myron's BBQ&A. Sad part is with winter here in Canada I can read but cant do for a few months. Lots of reading to do.
  6. cansmoke

    Baked potatoe issue

    I often "bake" potatoes in the smoker and am noticing that while the meat (tonight was meatloaf) is done, the potatoes are a bit underdone. I use an MES 30 and it seems not to matter is the potatoes are on the track above the meat or below. I rub the potatoes with olive oil and kosher salt.
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    I must have been bad

    I often joke during bbq season of going to the dark side......
  8. cansmoke

    I must have been bad

    He no longer has a charcoal burning unit.
  9. cansmoke

    I must have been bad

    I must have been bad last year. My brother just dropped off a bag of (char)coal! LOL
  10. cansmoke

    Pre-Slicing ??

    Every time you slice into it, you will dry it out.
  11. cansmoke

    Is injection or brine necessary?

    I would never do a first time on a big holiday. We brine the bird and it makes a difference. However, make sure you arent using an already injected bird.
  12. cansmoke

    Air fryers

    Thanks. Anyone hear of a Ninja unit?
  13. cansmoke

    Air fryers

    I know this may be outside the general boundaries. However, you all like to cook (at least outside) We are looking at replacing our oil fryer with an air fryer. The T-Fal Active is the leading contender. Comments pro and con.
  14. cansmoke


    A little side note: Pizza is my 20 year old daughter's FAVORITE food. We list out what we plan on cooking for the week and try and confuse her when pizza is on the menu. UNfortunately she caught on so when something cryptic gets posted, she assumes it is pizza.
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