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  1. calis

    Winter-time No-Smoking Meat Blues

    I have contemplated a switch to propane, but I also am leaning a bit towards building a large vertical smoker. I have had dreams of making one from an old refrigerator and a couple of large electric elements in the bottom, but I have been searching for the fridge for a few years now without luck.
  2. calis

    Winter-time No-Smoking Meat Blues

    I agree the weather id fine by me, but I can't keep the temp up in my smoker to do any good. I think I am going to try it. At worst I'll have some tender pulled pork I suppose.
  3. calis

    Winter-time No-Smoking Meat Blues

    I am grasping at straws. First, let me say that I am broke, so I must work with the equipment at hand.  I have a Kingsford offset smoker that has served me well for a few years now. It is not insulated and therefore is nearly worthless in the winter. I am really craving some smoked butt. What I...
  4. calis

    Smoking unique cutsof beef...

    I few days ago while slicing up some meat for making jerky, I was thinking that beef tongue should make some pretty good jerky. I have never eaten it, isn't it supposed to be incredibly lean?
  5. calis

    Reposting from another sub forum

    I apologize if this annoys any of the 15 that read it before over in the "Wood Smokers" section, but I was really hoping for some info.     I am considering the possibility of adding an afterburner to my smoker.  I normally would be opposed to this entire line of thought, but circumstances have...
  6. calis

    Possible conversion of my Kingsford offset smoker.

         I am considering the possibility of adding an afterburner to my smoker.  I normally would be opposed to this entire line of thought, but circumstances have forced me to consider it. I would still like to smoke with sticks for the first three hours or so...what I understand matters most for...
  7. calis

    Calzone thing

    I was waiting to find out what in the world you were going to do with the Tang.
  8. calis

    3 Butts 4 Chuckies

    It tastes good too. I am eating some of the pulled chuckie for breakfast as we speak. Ran out of energy to make breakfast food to bring to work.
  9. calis

    3 Butts 4 Chuckies

    Here's a pic of a chuckie before pulling and after pulling. And here's the pic of the cubed up re-seasoned and re-smoked chuckie. Sad story on the rest. I ran out of aluminum foil, not sure how. I was unable to wrap the butts in foil, never got them to go above 160 degrees on the...
  10. calis

    3 Butts 4 Chuckies

    Got butts for $0.99/pound so I picked up 3 of them...about 25 pounds worth. Going to pull them all, divide into portions, vacuum seal and freeze for the winter. Also got chuckies for $1.29/pound, picked up 4 of them at about 5 pounds each. I'm going to pull 3 of the chuckies, and cut one up...
  11. calis

    You watched me build it, now help me name it

    If you do that, I think you need to paint a picture of Eddie on it. Just my $0.02.
  12. calis

    Building a Smoker - How to Add a Thermostat?

    I have been thinking about the thermostat issue myself for a while as I am planing a fridge conversion if I can find the fridge. I think just about any accurate thermostat with an external probe could be used so long as you couple it with a suitable relay to activate the heating coils. Does...
  13. calis

    How long can you freeze your butt?

    Around here, that's a pretty good price on the butts. I think the last butts I bought were $1.39/pound.
  14. calis

    How long can you freeze your butt?

    Beer-B-Q, thanks for that chart. Everyone else, thanks for the advise also. I have always just put stuff into ziplocks and then freezer papered it. I do have a vacuum sealer and I could use it. I think I may be leaning towards just smoking about 6 of them and sealing up portions and freezing...
  15. calis

    How long can you freeze your butt?

    Local store has whole Boston Butt for $.99/pound. Not exactly ready to smoke another one, I still have a little left from last week's smoke :) How long do they freeze? I never seem to have very good luck freezing pork of any type for more than a few weeks. It always seems to get a funny taste...
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