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  1. brdprey

    Favorite beverage for smokin'

    if i have been smoking all day, i save the good stuff till later near dinner. that usaully will be something smooth on some rocks. and a cigar. unless its hots as a witches tit out then,im prob consuming a tone of water with rocks.
  2. brdprey

    Smoked corn on the cobb?

    same but we dont peel the last layer at all. we soak the corn after peeling all the husks off except last layer some where around your 45 min to end mark and letem rip.  after they were ready you peel the layer off and place your butter (real butter not that cheap crap) and enjoy. you will find...
  3. brdprey

    Rib Roast reverse sear

    very yummy looking but i dont think i agree with the plate moto.........i have a cat.
  4. brdprey

    New from New York

    welcome! look forward to chatting
  5. brdprey

    Take a look at our BBQ Comp Team's New Logo!

    woot we will be sure to stop by to root ya on
  6. brdprey

    Please be KIND..... BRINE!!

    i have not found any particular fav yet, been doing this a little while still experimenting but may i ask? your brine seems to be a little more saturated then the usual. what i mean is i have seen a few ok alot of brines that are the simple, 1/2 cup salt , 1/2c sugar , 1gal water.     so this...
  7. brdprey

    Smoked Pulled Pork Burritos!

    the only way that was zero calories, was if you walked away from it before taking a bite
  8. brdprey

    Hello - Newbie here so be gentle!

    be gentle? you mean we cant whip em and beat em anymore? welcome to the play pen
  9. brdprey

    Pretty much a noob in Scotland

    welcome to the play pen
  10. brdprey

    Pastrami from scratch on the Smokin It #3

    you make your own beer?
  11. brdprey

    Is this a smokehouse?

    does it look like a fire may have been in a corner or the middle of the room? it looks like it could be
  12. brdprey

    Smoked Fried Chicken! W/ Q-View

    doesnt that make it over done? i would think you smoke it to a lower temp then fry it to finish. just a question not a dig. sounds awesome other wise
  13. brdprey

    So glad I found this forum!

    were glad to have you among us. eveything you want to know except the theory of relativity. can be found here thru the archives. and what a bunch of great gals and guys here.
  14. brdprey

    I am having problem keeping the temp on a horizontal smoker after made mods

    after looking hard at it, think aobut doing some of the following. i would raise your baffle just a bit , looks like its riding low and maybe restricting it a bit on your charcoal basket. you only use the lower vent for the air in not the top one. i see it looks like there are two inlets by...
  15. brdprey

    I am having problem keeping the temp on a horizontal smoker after made mods

    just my opinion the angle and depth that  your rollin at seems really low. but , just to ask a few dumb questions. when smoking you are smoking with the exhaust fully open and adjusting the inlet? what type of fuel are you using?
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