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  1. Braz

    Grilled Spicy Italian Sausage Skilletini (W / Pics)

    Lodge ought to be sending a commission to Robert for all the CI skillets being sold.
  2. Braz

    Pulled Pork

    Excellent work. Happy wife, happy life. (Or so I have heard.)
  3. Braz

    Freedom Day !

    No booze? Criminal.
  4. Braz

    Bone-in Pork Shoulder - Need some ideas for something other than pulled pork

    Are you equipped to make sausage?
  5. Braz

    Fish & Chips. ( Catty)

    The only "people" who come to clean up under my feeders are the rat-coons. If I forget to bring them in the coons will climb the poles and destroy the feeders. Even the greased poles.
  6. Braz

    What'd I do wrong?! HELP!

    I think 170F is high. I do 1 hour @ 160F then lower to 120F with good air movement* till dry to my taste. * In my Masterbuilt electric smoker I use a small computer fan on a rheostat to keep the air moving at low temps.
  7. Braz

    It's that time (St. Patricks day)

    Making me hungry. I took a corned beef flat out of the freezer yesterday and will make a loaf of soda bread today. Grocery had cabbage for 29 cents/lb Saturday (regular $1.29) so I bought six heads (about 16 pounds worth). One for St Pat's day and the rest for a big batch of kraut. Nobody...
  8. Braz

    Grilling steaks

    We use our Lodge hibachi a lot. It's the perfect size for just the two of us and is stingy on charcoal.
  9. Braz

    It’s that Corned Beef time of year!

    I like sous vide for a lot of things but I'd still go with the insta-pot for corned beef & cabbage. Cabbage really wants flavor from the corned beef.
  10. Braz

    Grille Cleaning?

    An annoying number of web sites show me an annoying number of ads. This one caught my eye and I had to click on it. I wonder, just how lazy do you have to be to buy this service? https://indybbqgrillcleaning.com/
  11. Braz

    Can’t get my brisket tender-help?

    Do you really mean 145, 160 and 170? Or should that be 245, 260, and 270?
  12. Braz

    Smoked Hot Beef Sandwich

    That looks great. Must be a regional thing, around these parts that would be called Roast Beef Manhattan. It is one of my favorite comfort foods, right up there with meatloaf.
  13. Braz

    First Smoked Filet with pics to come

    Yeah, filets are not supposed to be fatty. That's what I like about them. Even so it looks like a pretty tasty meal to me. If you put the meat in the freezer for a while and get them to around the freezing point before putting them in the smoker they will take longer to get to your target temp...
  14. Braz

    The Phantom Buck of Haycock Mountain

    Good story Bear. I remember writing, and reading, one of those grade school assignments. The subject was mom's cooking and it was quite a comedy hit when I read it. Not so funny later when Mom read it.
  15. Braz

    Kitchen knife etiquette

    I shave with a straight razor. When you fumble something your instinctive reaction is to grab it before it falls. DO NOT do that.
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