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  1. billclarkson

    Char-Griller Smokin Pro with firebox- Mods

    I have spent hour after hour reading all i can on here and i finally ended up getting me a smoker with SFB. I had gotten the stove gasket stuff and after putting it on i found it just crumbled and fell off. So i have seen some Permatex high temp sealant and will try and find that and see how...
  2. billclarkson

    questions about my new braunfels smoker

    Wanted to send out a thanks to Todd and Tony for the nice tips, i'm slowly getting all the leaks sealed up and learning a little about controlling the heat also. Again thanks and happy smoking Bill
  3. billclarkson

    questions about my new braunfels smoker

    gosh it has been so long since i have posted anything here, but i took a leap this past weekend and purchased a New Braunsfel Smoker with side fire box.......$150 at academy. From what i can see the barrel diameter is smaller then the chargrill with sfb and i kinda thought smaller barrel might...
  4. billclarkson

    Another Texan dropping in

    Welcome to SMF, and thanks for the qviews, really looks delicious and mouthwatering. And again Welcome
  5. billclarkson

    USMC Rules For Gun fighting vs Navy Rules

    Well folks after serving 20 years in the Marines, all i knew about the Navy was their ability to chaufeur us around and as for the guns, those big guns on the ships carried big rounds and took out a country block. Now as far as a rifle or pistol in the hands of a navy person, i can't say...
  6. billclarkson

    This weeks smoke

    Mighty fine looking pork shoulder you have there. Thanks for sharing the photos, and welcome to the forum.
  7. billclarkson

    Spur of the moment fatties

    Enjoy the fatties and may the angels watch over you and yours on your trip. By the way my wife is from north Alabama, Sheffied if you know where that is.
  8. billclarkson

    New Smoker!!!! ;-)

    Welcome to "THE" best forum on the net and hope you enjoy all your time here and all the time outdoors with your new smoker. I too have been looking at those and i'm almost hooked. Great group of folks here, and i am so happy to have found this place. And again welcome.
  9. billclarkson

    My Avatar

    I have not been in this place for too long but one thing is for sure. Your all some real patriotic and down home folks. I was proud to serve my country, and now i am proud to be a part of this family. Thank you one and all.
  10. billclarkson

    My wife is not helping my addiction

    Shoot throw out the ice cream, ice cream and tv dinners, make room for all that. For that kinda price i would throw half of them in my smoker if they would fit and hand it out to the neighbors. Maybe if i wish real big i'll get one of those butts for next weekend.
  11. billclarkson

    Pork Brisket Strips bone in

    Thanks for you info deejay and now for me to figure out how to do pork chops, oh and by the way the photo is really small. the slab of meat is about 19 inches long and 7 or 8 inches wide, but only about a inch thick away from the big bone at one end. Just so y'all have a insite as to size of...
  12. billclarkson

    Happy Birthday, LisaCSCO!

    Happy Belated Birthday Lisa, sorry i missed it but sure hope it was marvelous and hope you have many more in the future.
  13. billclarkson

    happy birthday, mossymo

    Happy Happy Happy birthday and hope many more to come.
  14. billclarkson

    happy birthday, msmith

    Happy birthday Marvin and hope the thin blue smoke flows from your house for many many years to come.
  15. billclarkson

    My Avatar

    Thanks one and all for your very kind words. And with that then the photo will be attached to me. Happy smokin' one and all.
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