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  1. bigdaddyviking67

    Deer Snack Sticks

    You might still break the caps as the auger turns the meat. Plus any grinder Iv'e seen, need a plate to hold the shaft of the auger.
  2. bigdaddyviking67

    drying wood

    My neighbor and me just cut up a bunch of cherry wood. It was about 14 inches in diameter, so we layed down a big tarp and cut the logs into 2-inch thick disks. It dries fast this way, and we swept up all the sawdust off the tarp and put it into big plastic bins and stirred it around for a few...
  3. bigdaddyviking67

    Smoked Beer Can Chicken

    Hey n00b, if you are burning through chips real quick, soak them in water for 40 minutes or use chunk wood for a longer smoke. I always mix my woods when smoking poultry. I like to use a mix of hickory, cherry and apple. Like the other brothers said, hickory and mesquite are stronger woods and...
  4. bigdaddyviking67

    Smoked three things this week

    Hey Dutch, I used apple, hickory and a little alder.
  5. bigdaddyviking67

    Smoked three things this week

    I smoked up a chunk of pork loin and some beef roast this weekend, oh I also smoked a deer.....the bad part about the deer, is that I smoked it with my suburban, another car hit it before it flew into me, then five cars and a semi ran it over after I did---there was nothing left for me to...
  6. bigdaddyviking67

    It's a good thing we ain't grilling!!

    If hot peppers kill cancer cells, my ass is safe; I eat hot peppers all the time. Life is too short to worry about B.S. reports that usually come from tree hugging, anti hunting, second amendment attacking fruitcakes. Hopefully those generalizations didn't offend anyone.
  7. bigdaddyviking67

    Smoking Turkey

    Well I like to inject my turkeys before I rub them down and place them in the smoker. The way I do it is I make an injection, using brown sugar, butter, Cajun seasoning, old bay, garlic and onion powder and whatever else catches my eye in the spice rack. I then inject the turkey with the mix...
  8. bigdaddyviking67


    Welcome to the order Markeli, keep up the smoke.......
  9. bigdaddyviking67

    smoked eggs

    Thanks Lady J, I have tried all kinds of different methods and it seem my eggs want to peel like crap. I am going to make another batch next weekend. I will boil them using your method and see how they turn out.
  10. bigdaddyviking67

    smoked eggs

    Here is the latest batch of eggs, these ones should be nice and spicy, there's 12 habaneros in the jar, along with some smoked garlic and ceyannes. Hey does anyone know the secret of boiling eggs so the peel easy and so that membrane won't stick to the egg?
  11. bigdaddyviking67

    smoked eggs

    All I use for pickling the eggs is white vinegar, pickling spice, black peppercorns, whole garlic cloves, onions, habanero and cayenne peppers. I heat the vinegar and pickling spice in a pot, I cold smoke the eggs for 40 to 50 minutes then add them to the jars, add the vinegar along with some of...
  12. bigdaddyviking67

    Smoked Groundhog

    I was talking about ground hogs at work and my cube neighboor told me that porcupines are even better. Man my wife is going to think I went damn insane when I start rounding up the local night critters for the next cookout.
  13. bigdaddyviking67

    Can't reply to private message

    Check your messages Scott, i sent you a pm. I think the problem resides on your machine, I will try to help you out and get you up and running.
  14. bigdaddyviking67

    the perfect prime rib

  15. bigdaddyviking67

    pork and chicken

    Hey Bill, your problem with the pork and chicken getting tough on the edges was probably a result of the temp getting a little too hot. what type of smoker are you using? Pork and chicken can dry out pretty fast if you don't get a good rub on the meat. Getting the rub to carmalize at lower temps...
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