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    New Platform - What do you think? (bug reports)

    This has also happened to me twice so far.  spaceadv.com took over my screen !!
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  4. beerbelly

    Addicted to gardening!

    Really nice pics--love the colors
  5. beerbelly

    Speaking my mind----

    I'm about feeded up to my ears with this site also. When I first came across this place about a year ago, I was at least 25 lbs less than I am now! It all started with learning how to smoke a pork roast. Started eating a lot of pulled pork samies. Boy are they good eats. Then someone ( Ron...
  6. beerbelly

    Bad seed !!!

    Just got this from The Chile Pepper Institute of The New Mexico State University --- Q. How do you get the burning to stop? A. The best way to ease the burning sensation is to drink milk, or eat any dairy product.A substance found in dairy products known as casein helps to disrupt the...
  7. beerbelly

    Bad seed !!!

    IMO milk is the only way to go. But you can do a simple test yourself. Bite a hot pepper and wait a couple of minutes, take a bite of bread, see what happens. I think you will then go to the milk for relief.
  8. beerbelly

    Bad seed !!!

    Last night just as I was getting done eating a hamburger with some jalapeno I felt something small caught between a couple of my back teeth. Thinking nothing about it I went and got me a tooth pick to take care of the problem. This is something that happens all the time to me, no big deal at...
  9. beerbelly

    Bhut Jolokia pepper

    New Mexico, in the garden center. Just saw them today while I was getting some tomato plants. They even had a hand written sign saying that they were the worlds hottest pepper. I was going to get one then changed my mind, because I could not think of any reason to have such a deadly pepper...
  10. beerbelly

    Bhut Jolokia pepper

    I saw some just today at Wal Mart. You may try your local store--
  11. beerbelly

    USDA Choice Porterhouse Steaks Smoked & Grilled over Hickory

    Got to say, I have never see anyone cook a steak standing on its end--first time for everything I guess--
  12. beerbelly


    A friend of mine kept emailing me in all caps. I kept asking why?? He would say each time that he thought it would be easier for me to read. Wrong!!!! It makes all of the letters seemed to be squezzed together. I finally got him to stop and all is well now-----
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    All caps also makes it harder to read, or it does for people like me with bad eyes.
  14. beerbelly

    Washington DC Gun Control

    That's funny, cracked me up--lol
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