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  1. Bbqschmak

    Traeger Reverse Sear Steak

    Good looking meal! I have been wanting to do a nice steak like this on my silverbac. But haven't gotten around to it.
  2. Bbqschmak

    Shishito peppers

    Don't think I have seen them pickled, sounds good! I think most times they are served lightly charred and salted.
  3. Bbqschmak

    1st ABTs on the grill

    Looks good! Try roasting a whole yellow onion, you can leave the skin on and cover it with olive oil. Add a bit of that into the cream cheese instead of fresh white. You can use the rest to top sandwiches or eat on the side. I tried it the other week and loved it, really good flavors.
  4. Bbqschmak

    Hot pepper mustard

    Nice, what kind of peppers are those?
  5. Bbqschmak

    Wing dinner

    Haha not trying to cramp your style man, couldn't find the bass photo at first so the porgy was a placeholder. The striper was from the backside of robert moses.
  6. Bbqschmak

    Wing dinner

    Just love a quick wing diner after work. Chop 'em up, dry with towels, add a little SPOG, and then be liberal with paprika. Let them sit while I picked some ripe veggies from the garden. Had appetizer. First tomato of the year. Wow it was good. Through them on grill, had a few cold ones...
  7. Bbqschmak

    Friday Night Simple Meal & Semi-Big Beers

    That sammich looks great. I have a mastertouch and really haven't gotten any inserts for the grate system yet. I do have the rotisserie and absolutely love it. Have done 2 chickens and jerk pork al pastor tacos. Make sure that bear doesn't crush your setup looking for some loose burnt ends...
  8. Bbqschmak

    New smoker looking for help

    If using the pellet grill for breasts I would just do like you would an oven recepie. Definitely get a good thermometer and probes, love my Therm pro. I usually go with my gas grill and pop a probe in the smallest one. Flip when the about 3/4 to temp and then use another instant thermometer to...
  9. Bbqschmak

    NY sea bass whole!

    Good idea, I will definitely need to get some baskets. Got a brand you could recommend? That fish looks real good btw.
  10. Bbqschmak

    NY sea bass whole!

    Thanks! It kinda shredded alot and was super delicate so the end presentation wasn't great, but here ya go!
  11. Bbqschmak

    Half and half fatty

    Seems like if you don't go nuts stuffing it the fillings dont bleed together. I liked the idea too. Cut it right down the middle and it looked like it split perfectly.
  12. Bbqschmak

    NY sea bass whole!

    I love black sea bass and hate when I get a tiny filets out of them, so decided to do them whole. Soooo glad I did. Gutted them and dried them off. Stuffed cavity with lemons, garlic, parsley, bay leaves, and seasoned heavily. Threw em on the silverbac with some hassleback potatoes. Omg they...
  13. Bbqschmak

    Hello from LI, NY

    Going out on the south shore on an open boat in the morning, Il let you know how I do! If i catch sea bass im doing it whole, tired of tiny wastefull filets.
  14. Bbqschmak

    Hello from LI, NY

    Thanks man, did a cook today. Check the fatty section. Titled half and half or somthing. Did that and some jalapeno poppers.
  15. Bbqschmak

    Half and half fatty

    Did my first fatty on the new silverbac. Two stuffings, split down the middle. One side was blue cheese, boars head ham and a few habbanero slices. The other was chipotle gouda and sauted onion, grape tomato, jalapenos. Didn't fill it too much and rolled it more like a pinwheel. Came out...
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