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    New Again to Smoking

    Welcome to the board, Roy. This is all you need, brother. It tells you the temp of the smoker and the meat. http://www.partshelf.com/maet73.html
  2. bbqblitz

    Suggestions for new BBQ grill

    Sure does! For an extra 50 bux, there's a rotiss back burner option. Another reason i bought it was their parts list. New burners are 10 bux each, all 3 grills 15 bux. For the price, it's a great unit. www.brinkmann.net
  3. bbqblitz

    Suggestions for new BBQ grill

    Here's a pic of my grill. Looks much better! http://img82.imageshack.us/img82/5726/picture0860yr.jpg
  4. bbqblitz

    Suggestions for new BBQ grill

    I just bought a Brinkmann pro 4655 all stainless steel. Damn nice unit! I love it. It's a brand new bbq and it's not even on brinkmann's site yet. Call and ask for it. It looks like this one but all stainless...
  5. bbqblitz

    Plans for a wood smoker

    If i was going to spend 500 bux on metal and about 15 hours of my time to build a smoker, this is what i would build. www.gatorpit.net/Dual_Upright_2.jpg www.gatorpit.net/Dual_Upright_1.jpg
  6. bbqblitz

    Best paint for side smoker box

    Clean it off with a wire brush. Light a fire in the box, and spray light coats on it while it's hot as hell. The heat will cook the light coats in to the metal. I used a cheap 2 dollar can and the stuff stuck awesome.
  7. bbqblitz

    Looking for web sites to buy a large smoker

    www.gatorpit.net www.pigroast.com Here's a couple for ya.
  8. bbqblitz

    Hello from Ottawa Canada

    I hate the rain! Vancouver island has had so much sun the last couple days i got burnt. :P
  9. bbqblitz

    Everyone loves ham

    hahah!! My chocolate lab does the same. :D
  10. bbqblitz

    Hello from Ottawa Canada

    Great smoker! Good luck on the first smoke, brother.
  11. bbqblitz

    drying wood

    Wow! I have a lot to learn. Thanks alot, SR. Monty :D
  12. bbqblitz

    drying wood

    SR. monty, How long do you let the wood dry for?
  13. bbqblitz

    Smokehouse Construction Photos

    It's pretty cool, but way too big for what i need. When i cook, all i need room for is about 4 rib racks, ABT's and 2 to 3 chickens. That thing is big enough for a couple whole hogs!
  14. bbqblitz

    Smokehouse Construction Photos

    Looks big! How much meat can it hold?
  15. bbqblitz

    A big hit

    Sounds like you had a blast, bro. That nice of ya to cook all that grub up for your guys.
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