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  1. aftershox454

    Burnt Ends & Remnant Flat cut: Q-view

    awesome post!
  2. aftershox454

    Pecan wood and butts?

    Hey gang, just got a butt put together for superbowl and was excited to find some pecan wood pellets at the store yesterday so picked em up- i have it rubbed down with jeff's rub and sitting in the fridge right now- was wondering your guys' thoughts on using pecan wood for my butt? Thanks, Alex
  3. aftershox454

    Pork Loin w Qview

    looks amazing! will get that done next time i get to the store!
  4. aftershox454

    Rub Recipe for Salmon

    instead of the rub i like a little bit of a syrup on mine- bottle of white wine (chardonnay for me) reduced with 2#'s of brown sugar let it cool and soak the fish for 10-15 min before it goes in the smoker- I like it
  5. aftershox454

    Impress the family and give the wife a break!!!!!!

    sounds great- i'll probably try that this next weekend
  6. aftershox454

    20 Clove Roast

    nice!! Makes me wish I had a fire place
  7. aftershox454

    dehydrating garlic?

    sounds like that is my problem- i did not slice te cloves at all have the whole clove in there and i think it was just too much so i took your advice and sliced em down and it should make a big difference thanks!
  8. aftershox454

    dehydrating garlic?

    hey gang- have some garlic going in the dehydrator and it being the energizer bunny of garlic it just keeps going and going in my cableas dehydrator- we are talking the 8 day mark and still mushy texture- peppers done onion done but garlic still remains- any body have some tips/tricks for...
  9. aftershox454

    what to mix with goose/duck snack stix?

    as always thanks for the great help eric!
  10. aftershox454

    what to mix with goose/duck snack stix?

    hey guys- alright I did some snack sticks a while back out of the box and liked the flavor I got but was not pleased with the texture- very crumbly and inconsistent- i have another round of shot up birds coming my way and want to redo the snack stix with some other ground meat mixed in- the...
  11. aftershox454

    NEW OLP #41170 stainless for Christmas

    Hey guys, alright got a new smoker for x-mas from costco and it is awesome! stainless steel gas smoker made by outdoor leisure products- excellent finish with racks that have sausage hooks and rib racks welded on a good size smoke box and good adjustment controls love the looks and...
  12. aftershox454

    wild game rub?

    like it! simple and tasty- thanks much!
  13. aftershox454

    wild game rub?

    hey guys, got some large goose breasts to smoke up and was curious what you guys though of putting a rub on them before they go in? -if you like the idea any suggestions on what type of rub would be helpful- thanks!
  14. aftershox454

    My rub recipe

    wow! loving the disection of the rub! Very scientific!
  15. aftershox454

    2nd butt coming up!

    oh man a bunch of see it to believe it people on here huh - Best Buy here I come!
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