WSM or BGE???

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  1. Okay, last year I bought a Brinkmann smoker and did a bunch with it but found it hard to control temps even after multiple tin foil modifications.[​IMG]  I also slapped together a 250 gal reverse flow smoker that I enjoy doing whole hogs on but is a little much to fire up for just a couple of people to drool over. I'm wondering how the WSM compares to a BGE as far as temp control and finished product. I've had smoked meat off the BGE and it was excellent and once up to temp it didn't have to be touched until the meat was done which I found very impressive. I was also wondering if the WSM was capable of getting up to temp to do smoked pizza on.
  2. I don't think you can get a WSM up to 600+° for pizza. There really isn't any comparison between a WSM and a Kamado grill. True they can both smoke but that's about the only similarity. Once you go Kamado style you will never go back. I recommend checking out the Kamado Joe lineup, as I think you will find them more versatile and a better bang for your buck then the BGE.
  3. I was also looking at Kamado Joe since they seem to come with certain things that are accessories for the BGE. I guess it all comes down to who can give the best price for comparable product. I was just trying to see if I could get by with a little less money invested.
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  5. I'll have to check them out. Thank you. I'm sure I'll break down and just go with a BGE or Joe cuz the food I've had from it was outstanding.
  6. I guess there's a way to do just about anything haha not a bad idea but looks like he loses the smoking quality of it which is what I'm sure I'll be using it most for. Kamado is looking more and more favorable better pick up some extra time at work haha
  7. You would absolutely love a Kamado Joe. The divide and conquer grill system is so flexible it's amazing. I used to fight controlling the temps with my Akorn, with the Big Joe is basically set and forget. It just holds rock solid for hrs and hrs. You haven't lived until you do some reverse sear steaks on a Kamado Joe. 

    Pizza comes out great.


    This was a single rack for just the 2 of us and I used the firebox divider, so I only had to fire up half the grill. Big charcoal savings.

    It's just the do anything grill.
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    Two big pluses for the WSM - two grates standard (lots of room), less than half the cost of the BGE and you still get a great smoker for $400.
  9. Thanks guys I think I'm def gonna go with the ceramic smoker. That food looks absolutely amazing!!!! The steak is making me drool I haven't had one that looked that good in a long time. I'll be posting pics soon.
  10. You will never regret it. Good luck with your purchase.

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