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  1. crd26a

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    I've got a sauce I make at home (and use at comp's) that my wife and I both love. It is a runny sauce (made for comp's, so didn't want thick), but my wife would like for me to be able to thicken it up. Is there any decent agents I could use to help thickne the sauce while not impacting the flavor? Thoughts? Suggestions?
  2. desertlites

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    cornstarch and water to a 2 % milk consistency-I use all the time to thicken things
  3. Guar gum, does a better job at thickening than cornstarch and does not have the gluten issues if that may be a concern. Can find it in most large groceries that have a special dietary section for those with food allergies. Will also help keep things from settling out. A little goes a long ways.
  4. fire it up

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    You could always boil okra with it and then remove the okra. Forget what it is specifically but they produce a slimy sort of thickening agent when boiled from a raw state. Lots of cooks use it in soups and stews to thicken.
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    Areoroot,areowoodroot, something like that is what i have heard of useing in the past, i just render mine down on the stove. the type of "sweet" you use will thicken it also, such as jellys or jams or karo syrup.
  6. barnone

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    Try a little bit of flour. I Dont know how you make your sauce, but I add a little at a time as it comes to a boil. Then let simmer on down. Make sure you wisk it in as you add it. Doesnt affect the flavor if you don't add too much.
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    Can you just do a reduction to it?

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