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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by seagal3, Jan 10, 2016.

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    I live in Ohio. Had a little joe smoker and have smoked trout and salmon with great success! My husband purchased a master built smoker for me as a christmas gift. Tried a dadgum good brisket yesterday. Huge flop. Hated the rub and was dry. Followed the recipe. Internal temp never went above 185 after 7 1/2 hrs @ 250. Waste of $35 on a brisket. Need some help. Having friends over next week and doing another brisket....
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  3. Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to learn and share ideas. The search bar works great for finding info. If you don't find an answer, start a thread and wait for several different answers.
    Don't get discouraged, brisket is a hard beast to tame. There are some who have been on trying for years and still can't get it right while others can smoke one with their eyes closed. With the time frame you stated sounds like you had a small flat. I only smoke full packers and it is not uncommon for them to go 20+ hours.
    Check out this thread and see if Bears method will work for you.

    Smoke it up
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    Welcome to the site!  Like the others have stated, it was probably undercooked.  It's got to get to at least 195 IT to break down the connective tissue that makes it tough. When this breaks down, it makes it juicy.  Test for tenderness with a probe, it should slide in like butter.  Don't give up.

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    Thanks, I won't give up, just very disappointed. It was done, brown inside and no juices flowing. I don't know, maybe try cooking at a lower temp next time. I panicked when I saw smoking times for brisket. Going by the masterbuilt web site, the directions said 3 - 5 hrs then almost every other recipe said 12+ hours. Mine was on for about 7 hrs. Confusing!

    I will try another brisket this weekend. My husband doesn't care for the rubs and strong seasoning but I found another recipe on this site that used a wine marinade and a rub consisting of paprika, brown sugar, onion and garlic powders and some oregano. Fingers crossed! Will let you know how I make out.
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    Salt and pepper makes a fine rub for a brisket.  Let the beef flavor shine.


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