New sign for gas prices--PG13

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by luv2camp35, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. This says is all.
  2. meat-man

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    Yes it does
  3. nick

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    Gas around here got to a little over 4 bucks a gallon. Last couple weeks it started going down. Then I found a place that was selling it at a cheaper price. Today, it was 3.61.9 (cash only price) and 21 cents more for CC price. So there I was at the pump all happy n stuff with this price...but then... I come to my senses and remembered just how bad we are getting screwed at the pumps. Gas still shouldn't be more than 2 bucks a gallon. And God bless all of y'all who has to buy diesel fuel. It's just insane.
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    $2.00 ???????????????????????????????

    HECK NO!

    Should be 25 cents or a Nickel.

    I can't tolerate chavez but he sells his gas for a quarter. It is feasible.
    Deconstruct OPEC and it's a Nickel.

    T Boone Pickens is right. We need to step up. Fix ourselves and rid ourselves of the "other" suppliers. (being polite here)

    Politics and Religion are things I try to avoid in discussions but this gas thing is ludicrous.
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    Here, Here....its 4.06 for ARCO regular right across the street at 76 station 4.27...and we were happy to pay that!

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