Ice Strom hit

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  1. Wife had a couple steaks out but frankly I wasn't excited about cooking outside. I had a nice oak fire going in the fireplace. I let it die down to coals and put the steaks on. Wish I had taken a shot of them plated but they came out perfect, a little char on the outside and a nice red on the inside. You could really taste the wood smoke flavoring.

  2. trikefreak

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    Cool idea, thanks for sharing!
  3. gomez93

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    Great thinking!
  4. That's so magical, romantic, and amazing! BRAVO to you both! I bet it was absolutely delicious, and fun! Cheers! - Leah
  5. disco

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    Great idea! I bow to the innovator!

  6. Yes, very good thinking, I bet it is some nasty there after the progression of storms you folks have had.

  7. mneeley490

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    That brings back memories. We used to do that when the wife and I were young and poor. Well, poorer than we are now anyway.

    The kids used to think it was great when we'd break out the marshmallows!

    Now we are in a house with a gas fireplace that isn't worth a darn.

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