How to ensure tender BB Ribs..?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by tidesmoker, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. tidesmoker

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    I have a 30" MES... The first rack I cooked tasted good, but it was too tough and the meat wasn't pulling back from the bone.

    I used some water/beer in my drip pan, but I didn't use any foil (or any 2-2-1 method)... Is that the problem? Thanks.
  2. kettleq

    kettleq Smoke Blower

    Foiling has always helped my ribs. Give it a try and se what you think!!
  3. How long and hot did you cook them at?
  4. tidesmoker

    tidesmoker Newbie

    I went for 4-1/2 hours straight 225F. I added wood chips every 90 minutes.
  5. demosthenes9

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    Sounds like they didn't cook long enough.   Foiling is the quickest/easiest way to get them tender.   It basically kind of steams the meat.  If foiled for too long though, the meat can turn to mush.
  6. I rarely do spareribs in my MES30, but when I do:

    3.5 hrs. @ 225deg. in the smoker.

    Foil with my finishing sauce in oven for 1 hr @ 200deg.

    Open foil, pour off excess liquid and glaze uncovered for 10min more.

    Let them rest with foil closed back up for 20-30 min.

    Note: I only pulled the membranes and rarely trim.  I never trim fat!

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