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Discussion in 'Pork' started by marcom56, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. A neighbor gave me an MES 30. Trying it out for the first time. Never smoked before! Please wish me luck !!!
  2. five hours in. 165 it. Going to wrap shortly and finish to 200-205
  3. That's a nice neighbor!  Looks like you're picking things up quickly!!
  4. Great neighbor!! Been lurking reading all I could find. Finally got over my fear😁
  5. smokinal

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    Great score!

    Great smoke!

  6. mike5051

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    That butt looks great!  It might stall for a while around 170, be patient.

  7. I had read that but it never did. About 203 now and getting super excited!🙌

    Now as long as it tastes good!!
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  8. Butt out... Au Jus freezer to separate... Sampled a piece and yum!!!!
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  9. Looks great!  Nice work on the first time with the new smoker!!
  10. b-one

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    Tasty looking pp,what's on the menu for tomorrow?
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  12. Sorry for the duplicate photo!! Excited newbie!!!!
  13. Thank you! Could not have done it without this forum!!!
  14. Thank you! Depends on what you're cooking!!😉
  15. lancep

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    Great first smoke, welcome to the rabbit hole

  16. Thank you!!! Followed Bears step by step.... Kind of! Came out phenomenally!!!
  17. GaryHibbert

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    Great job on your first smoke--and on a new smoker too. We'll done.

  18. mike5051

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    Great job!  [​IMG]


  19. thanks!

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