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under my nose

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My youngest was watching football with me today and mentioned he was thinking of getting a new smoker.  I told him if he can find 2 55 gal drums we can make them.  He told me they have plenty at where he works, a car dealer, and he will have them home on mon and tue. Not sure what was in them, he is going to find that out and I will do the burn out at my brothers house.  Got to get my garage cleaned and ready to built these.  Free is a good price for me haha



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Now thats a chip off the old block.......Well atleast you'll get a cleaned up garage for the whole deal. Then you will get to spend sometime with your son too.So don't forget the Q-view for us.

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And Let The Father & Son Fun Begin!!!

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The best drums are free drums! lol  Can't wait for the Bview...

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Good deal, looking forward to the build pics.

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Very nice. That is going to be a lot of fun for both of you. Congrats

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Father Son projects are awesome

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Not sure what kind of smoker you had but you will love the drums!!

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