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8 butts in a 40 inch MES

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Hey guys I got a question. My girlfriends sister is participating in a cancer walk and has asked me to smoke some pulled pork for sandwiches to serve. It was originally only four butts and someone else was going to do four more, but the other smoker backed out and they asked me if i could cook all eight. I have seen a pic on here with a MES loaded with 8 butts. I was just wondering what I should different than usual? The most
I have cooked is two at a time so I'm thinking a good preheat at full temp for a couple of hours then smoke until 170 and foil until 200 . I have a ET-73 and the probe in the MES which would moniter three of them should I buy a pen typed thermometer for the others or will they be close enough it doesn't matter? I am going to try and get them 6 to 8lbs a piece what kind of time should I expect on these. Thanks guys 

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I know Eman has loaded down his MES several times with huge smokes. You may want to send him a PM in case he doesn't see this thread but I'm sure he'd be willing to give ya any tips he has on those monster smokes

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Do you have time to do a couple of smokes? You could always do in 2 batches if you have the time - if not I would allow plenty of time for sure -  I own a SmokinTex which is similar to the MES and I have done 4 but not sure if I would try 8 without a practice run


Remember PP reheats real well especially if it is packaged and chilled right

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I had thought about the chill and reheat method, but Idon't know what we will have to reheat with. I forget to mention I do have a Uds I just completed, but I haven't smoked on it yet. So I guess I could split them up and do 4 on each. So that might be my best option although I will have to use the ET 73 to monitor the uds with. Whats the best  pen type thermometer to check different meats with?

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I would recommend that you send EMAN a PM to see if he was able to do it all in his MES

He is a great guy and I am sure he will give you the straight scoop - I was just offering that if you can reheat the PP you would have options

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I have done 8 in my MES a couple of times but it was awhile ago. I remember it took a long time to get it up to temp. One thing that will help is to have the butts getting close to room temp when you put them in. If I remember right I pulled the last one off at around 13-14 hours, but mine is an older model also.

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Smokeguy did 8 in his 40" MES in the above thread.


I did 80# over 3 days in my 30" MES. It was time consuming but worth it over trying to cram as much as possible in there at once.

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why not smoke 3 which I have done in my 30", and rotate them out to an oven foil wrapped, and rotate in another 3 into the smoker. I would rotate out once they get to 140 to 150 degrees, let the oven take them on up to the 200-210 mark.  Set your oven at 220, foil wrap them and let them go.  I let mine sit for 2 hours or more once I am done, to let all the juices flow back into the meat fibers.  Once you get done pulling the first set you can then pull the next set if you wish.  I know using the oven is cheating, but it will save your butt so to speak this go around.  Of course you could go and get another MES, LOL

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I agree with BAMAFAN I have done 8 butts in my 40" MES several times. Let meat get close to room temp before loading into smoker. Make sure you have the smoker preheated, I usually set the temp to 275 to preheat load the butts then lower the temp for low and slow. It will take a while to get to temp but it works great. I did 8 over the labor weekend for family and friends. It did take about 13 hours to finish but they turned out great. Mine is a older MES w/window with 800watt element but i have just completed the mod to the 1200watt element but I haven't tried it out yet. Ohyeah BAMAFAN ROLLTIDE!!!!  BAMAFAN how do you like your Bubba grills 250 reverse flow? I thinking of adding a new smoker to my collection.

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