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Bacon-wrapped marinated chicken

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Decided to try out some smoked chicken for the evening. The night before, I decided to marinate in apple juice for 24 hours.



Before putting on the smoker, I put some applewood dry rub on each piece.




Once the rub was on, each chicken was wrapped in bacon.




Dont want to brag, but this was some of the best chicken I've ever had! I smoked over apple wood chips until an internal temperature of 165 degrees is reached.




Finished product!



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Wow, thats looks great.


I will have to try that later in the week, I'm trying to find something new for a contest next month. Did the apple juice actually sink in and leave a flavor on the inner bites? I'm looking for something to stand out just a little.

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Nice looking chicken - what was the taste like with the apple juice and the rub? Did the bacon dominate the flavor

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You could definitely taste the apple juice within the chicken...I even used a spray bottle and every 20-30 minutes would give a couple of sprays to each piece. The bacon didnt dominate the fact, it worked out really well in locking in the moistness and tenderness of the chicken, making sure it didnt dry out, which is a big problem when smoking poultry.

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Nice job, looks great. I might have to give this a try.

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Nice looking chicks man

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wow, does that look good!


since i like chicken skin, i never really got the point of skinless chicken breasts


now i get it!  you're supposed to buy them and wrap them in BACON!


makes sense now that i've seen it!


thanks  :)

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That does look good.

Was the bacon crispy enough?

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