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First attempt at Stuffed Sausage Balls

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Still new to the "art of smoking," but people really seemed to like these bacon wrapped treats! I've added my pictures and instructions on how I cooked them. Enjoy!


I used some breakfast sausage and rolled the logs into little balls. With each ball, I "pitted" each one and place a jalapeno slice inside for some bite! Sorry for the bad picture...


smoker (24).JPG


On top of the jalapeno, I put a pepperjack cheese cube in the middle. After that, I simply closed the hole to complete the sausage ball.

smoker (25).JPG


Once the sausage ball is complete, individually wrap with bacon.


smoker (27).JPG


I smoked these over hickory, which really added a good kick of flavor. Cook at 240-250 degrees for approximately 2 hours.


smoker (31).JPG



smoker (33).JPG



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Congrats on your first Moinks- That is the name for the tasty morsel you created

Welcome to SMF glad to have you with us

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Looks good... I like the q-view. I think I will try that exact thing but with ground chicken.

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oh man!  those look totally delicious!


i definitely have to make some of those!

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I love that idea they're like mini fatties.

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Looking good my friend.

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Looks like a great Hors-deurve. So moinks for meatballs and hoinks for hot dogs. All this new terminology I'm learning.

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