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Smoked Chops and Green Chilie ABT's

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Smok'en some chops tonight, but the REAL news is the ABT's.   I checked my chilies in the garden and whoa damn! got some that could go if I had extra energy... So I pick a half dozen and am giving them a taste test tonight.

Crook neck squash is also coming off, so here's the deal:
Fresh picked green chilie, diced yeller squash, sharp cheddar, italian, and some seasoning.

Was surprised that I couldn't stuff six of them with a whole squash! Peppers are nice this year. Last one was just cheese.

Here's the entire game plan - corn soak'en for the grill.
(oh yeah, that's some Bassman #1 blueberry cinnamon bread to the right for french toast in the morning!)

And here they are - chops an hour in, just put on the chilies.

And here's dinner!


Very good - ABT's need more cheese, but other than that, they were great with the squash.  That's good cuz I got a fresh pile of both!
Thanks for checking out my post.
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Looks like a great spread

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wow I am hungry

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Looking Good! 

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