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BabyBacks, TBS, Great Day!

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Picked up 2 racks of baby backs to give them a try.  Rubbed with Jeff's Naked Rib Rub late last night and chilled for about 8 hours in the fridge.  Pulled them out about 11 this morning, sprinkled a little brown sugar and let them set for an hour before putting on the smoker.


Beautiful day, put up the popup tent for the expected afternoon rain and the TBS is smelling so good! 


My plan is to use a modified 221.  Figure I'm going to go with about 1.5 in the foil like I do on the spares.  This time I'm going to give what I seen smokey2569 done with his spares a try...when I foil I'm going to throw in a shot or 2 of apple juice, butter, honey and sprinkle more brown sugar.


We'll see and follow up with more Qview in another hour or so.




Tried to catch some TBS but the camera don't pick it up to well. Poor grill doesn't even used any more! lol


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BB's and tbs , it don't get any better than that !! Great start to a great day

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Had the same problem trying to catch the TBS on the smoke I've got going this morning...  Can't see it on a regular exposure, and a timed exposure makes it look like it's on fire! 

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It's 12:15 here and that looks SO good already!  Have a great smoking day.

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Must be my day!  No sooner moved the tent over the smoker and got all my foil and goodies set up and the rain started!  And then the wife just returned from the store with jalepeno's wanting ABTs!!  


I've lugged this table around for the last 20 years or so and never really used it. Before I took ownership it was my parents for years before that!  Glad I never threw it out!  Wonder if it'd be considered antique? LOL


2.5 hrs in, pulled for foiling

ribs2_5 hrs.jpg

Squeezed some honey and spritzed with some apple juice.


Then there was butter...


Then for the brown sugar and a little more butter. :) 

ribs ready.jpg

Foiled and back in for 1.5hrs instead of 2. Don't think they'll need any sauce with these! :)

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Lookin good, cant wait to hear how they were with the toppings you put on them.

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Ok, I've eaten a lot of ribs and have smoked a dozen or so spare racks (still a newbie) in the last few weeks, but these, well, these were...well, delicious and by far the best to date!! The heck with Chili's and Tony Roma's (never really had any good ones at these places anyway..just sayin)!  


These had an obvious sweetness, the hint of butter and honey, then Jeff's Naked Rib Rub followed with just the right amount of spice/tangy flavor to close the sensation just about perfectly!  Amazing!  (Hope that made sense!  Not sure how else to explain it, but I mean these were bone sucking good!  Everyone loved them, NO sauce required! NO leftovers! :(  I've just found my permanent rib recipe for all future ribs!


Just pulled after 2.5-1.5-1.


Saved the juices from the foil and basted them after putting them in the aluminum pan to rest for 45 minutes.  Weren't really blackened as they look in the picture.


The texture of these was what I'd consider near perfect...not falling off the bone, yet tender enough that they just melted in your mouth with a very nice firmness! (Again, probably doesn't makes sense, but I generally don't explain how something taste!! LOL)



Not sure if these were that good because they were baby backs, but we'll see when I do some spares next weekend!  Time to start getting ready for the butt tomorrow!  Thanks to everyone for all the great post which made this my best ribs yet!!!

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OOOOOOOHHH ! ! ! Butter and brown sugar that's a keeper for my next rack.! ! Good Job !

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Those ribs looked excellent.  And yes, I was able to follow your description of the taste & texture.  OMG, my mouth is watering.  I think you have just given me my next recipe for my next batch of Spares.  Good job!!!

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Now you have made me start chewing on my pillow cause your ribs looks so darn good and I'm about 6 hours away fron my smoker too. So I sit here drooling over some really fine looking Qview and hating life right now. But don't worry I did bring some smoked chuckie and a fattie and then some homemade brats with us.

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Thanks everyone...they were delicious! 


Mark - LOL  If you're north of Jax (6 hrs) you're not to far away, I just finished prepping a butt for tomorrow! Think I remember ya saying something about your son in the Army...I'm right here at Fort Bragg!  I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to do this from hotel myself....just found out this week I'll be gone to big ole Texas for 3 darn weeks next month!  I'm going to have to at least carry some chunks to burn so I don't detox to hard!


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Holy ribs batman those look friggin good, i have to try the brown sugar deal

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