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A friend of mine mentioned today tht he was going to cook short ribs of pork...!  I've heard of beef short ribs, but not pork....ask him if he meant country ribs and he said no.....   Has anyone heard of these.....I know sometime our larger chain stores around here come up with their own names for cuts of meat that you don't hear of anywhere else...?


                  Q DAWG.




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Rib tips, maybe?

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I believe they are talking about spares that have been more or less cut St. Louis style. If you cut right along the ends of the bones and remove all the cartilage, they tend to be quite short..

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Invite yourself over to said friend's house and take a picture of this strange and wondrous thing so we all may be enlightened.

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I'm with Bret (Mythmaster) and Pete (pit4 brians) on this one and I'm saying the short rib parts that are cut off the spares to make St. Lous cut.

PS. I don't trim my spares.

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These are cut off the ribs and backbone taken off the pork butt:



They are cut across the rib bones looking very much like beef flanken, usually only one or two strips can be had then you're into the chine.  They can also be taken from the rib end roast too, but more further into the loin you're into the babybacks.

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