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omg this thing was awesome ohh god i almost ate the whole thing myself haha i used premixed flour but added more stuff to it cause it smelled bland. Thanks for the insperation Squirrel I think lol ohh the grease mmm

onion 001.JPGonion 002.JPGonion 003.JPGonion 004.JPG

ohh man im gonna regret this thing lol stomach rumbling haha

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hmm pics didnt do it justice it looked way better than that and its hard to tell how big it was but thats a big plate so ya it was pretty damn big!!

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Wow, you can make some of the most awesome things. Wish I lived closer so I could come by and do taste tests!!

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Great job!! I know what you mean about the picture not doing it justice, I actually felt the same way when I saw my pics. It's not something you get very often, but it sure is good!

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Wow, I'm not sure they could taste any better than they look because they look mighty tasty to me!

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Crap! I have to go to the store now.  Thanks a lot for this thread.

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Those Dilly beans look mighty tasty...Willing to share the recipe?





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Bumpin in up for you DR Phil lol Squirrel?

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Anyone seen anything from Squirrel lately?

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Yep she was on yesterday( wed) eve....she sounded like she was full of spunk!


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Sounds like she's gonna tear us a new one with a rib plate. T-Down.

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Hi everybody!


I'm doing good today (It's my Birthday!) Things are going much better than expected, and it looks like no Chemo, atleast for now. Having radiation though, nothing like a good cattle prodding to start the day, I mean, I'm as freaky as the next gal, but durn that kinda hurts.


And I am planning my menu for the rib throwdown, I'm so excited just to be cooking again. You know I'm sick when I don't want to cook. I'm working on a cake for my b'day, so I'll post some pics later. I also am taking pics of my garden project so will be posting soon about that.


This video sums it up quite nicely!


Oh, and you better believe I'm bring my A-game !!!!!

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glad to hear things are going well. Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday!!!

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