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May 2010 Throwdown Voting Poll - Page 2

Poll Results: Which entry gets your vote for the May 2010 Throwdown?

Poll expired: Jun 14, 2010  
  • 28% (17)
    Pork Tenderloin, Chicken Meatball And Shrimp Loaded Pizza
  • 1% (1)
    Chicken Parmigiana Fattie
  • 15% (9)
    Smoked braised short ribs with a smoked pepper stuffed with orzo, shrooms, asparagus and 3 cheese
  • 3% (2)
    Smoked stuffed meatball (Beef/I. Sausage stuffed w/ 50/50 mozzy/provo, Mushroom, B. Olive), Spaghetti, and homemade sauce, and bacon and spinach.
  • 3% (2)
    Carnival Italian Sausage with Sauce and Mozzerella cheese rolled into a fatty on Italian bun.
  • 18% (11)
    Smoked Tuscan Sausage Cannelloni, Smoked Beef Braciole, Smoked Focaccia w/Caprese Salad
  • 15% (9)
    Pizza fattie with pepperoni, onion, bacon, mozzarrella, sauce, topped with pizza crust weave
  • 0% (0)
    Garlic, blue cheese and herb stuffed pork loin with garlic alfredo pasta
  • 1% (1)
    Inside-Out Ravioli: beef/spinach/onion “filling” around pasta, cheeses & spinach leaves.
  • 13% (8)
    Chicken and Shrimp w/ a Smoked Gouda Cream Sauce over Pasta w/ Smoked Parm and Garlic Sticks
60 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by pandemonium View Post

ok Daddy so you did #6 huh lol

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I am soooooooo curious to know why there are only 47 votes.  Don't we have more members than this?  Just curious.

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Originally Posted by Caveman View Post

I am soooooooo curious to know why there are only 47 votes.  Don't we have more members than this?  Just curious.

Anthony, they'll all fling one in at the last moment. keep the bookies nervous.

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OK, I will tell you what I voted for but first I will tell you exactly why I did not enter this throw down. You had to pick Italian!

December 31st I decided I wanted to lose weight and eat healthier. I seem to do very well with low carb and so it was. January 31st it was on. At which time I started my site. I figured smoking meats was low carb and endless choices. It worked as I lost 46 lbs. The ONLY weakness I have ever had has not been candy, ice-cream etc. No... It's Been Italian! Oh those pastas drenched in a red sauce or a chicken Cannelloni in the GIANT pasta tube. Loaded with CARBS! When I saw this was an Italian throw down there was no Way in hell I was going to even try. The food never would have made it to the forum post.


This brings me to the poll. Here I am starting to scroll down and what is the first thing I see?  I BIG piping hot loaded PIZZA! All the beautiful topping laid out on a bed of red sauce cradled by a BIG FLAT DOUGH!  It looks so sexy! Look away Wingman! I quickly scroll down and my mouse slams on the brakes at #5 a hunk of fatty loaded with red sauce on a GIANT hunk of beautiful roll.  Look away! I quickly scrolled own and again the brakes slam on the mouse at # 7 which is a pizza fatty sauced up and sexy laid out on a weaved bread roll.  And and at that point I had a FULL BORE Jones on! I had to get off this page fast so up to the poll and the brakes slammed on one last time at #1 my first love. It's hard to ever get over a first love.  So #1 got my vote. Sorry #5 and #7...


As I'm typing this and Jonesing... I'm preparing to ride out on my Wing tomorrow to cover the Hells Canyon Rally for my motorcycle

site. There is a little cafe in Baker City Oregon called the Baker City Cafe that has an unbelievable pizza. I'm going to ride like hell for 460 miles. Jonesing all the way! When I get into to town I'm heading directly for that cafe and ordering a giant picture of cold beer and ordering that Pizza. If anyone thinks I'm just a wooffin... I'll post a pic! I'm Jonesing for Pizza like mad now! My wife thinks it's funny... They always seem to find a guys weakest moments amusing. I want to dip the damn crust in sauce too.

Edited by Wingman - 6/11/10 at 6:51am
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LOL Rob! I laughed hysterically at your post! I definitely want to see the picture of you eating that pizza! Yea, that pizza up top looks pretty amazing. Everything looks amazing it was tough choosing only one to vote for.


I didn't enter this throwdown either, I didn't figure out what was going on until two days left and I didn't make. I'm gonna enter the potato one though, I think, unless something comes up. Great job everybody!


I would like to see more details though. I understand the judges not having time to read a bunch of stuff, but for an example, if I had entered this throwdown I would have made some sort of pasta dish, but I would have cold smoked the flour and made the pasta from scratch. Wouldn't that score higher than if I just bought the pasta? While a great picture does speak for itself this competition isn't a photo competition, it should be about the food. I think alot of people put alot of time and effort in to preparing their dishes and should have the opportunity to share that. Just my opinion.

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These all look incredible! Nice job everyone! I went with #6 - I thought it was a nice used of both tomato based sauce and white sauce. Also, mother is from Naples, Italy and I grew up eating braciole during the holidays and make a really good one myself nowadays - but I never actually thought of smoking it!! Now I have something else to add to the list of things to try. I have to say it is very tough trying to lse weight with all kinds of smoked meat to try!!

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Originally Posted by daddyzaring View Post

Are we allowed to comment on our entries?

Please do not comment on your entries until after the poll has closed.


It's common for a new thread to be started under the Throwdown section, by the individual user entry, so people can comment on their dish, directly.


I'm hoping we have more votes come in over the weekend as there was a great amount of effort put into the contest. Great dishes by all, and I'm excited to see who comes out on top!

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Last day to vote!! Don't forget to place your vote for the May Throwdown.

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Congratulations to all of the participants.  That's some awesome looking eats in that list...I'll take 1-5 for lunch today, and 6-10 for dinner tomorrow!  WOW!

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I peeked at the vote counts from April and we are just over 1/2 the amount of votes placed for that month (there were 118 votes placed for the April Throwdown).


C'mon folks, it only takes a couple minutes for your vote and I promise that your information will not be sold to any third parties or outsourced call centers

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They all look Awesome!! I'm more confused than a Blind Man at a Hoorters convention.....LOL!! After much debate I choose the Winner to be........what......I can't say whom I think is the best......Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see if I'm correct!! Thanks and Good Luck to all participants and may the Best Dish Win!!

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Love your wit, Chet!

Originally Posted by BayouChilehead View Post

They all look Awesome!! I'm more confused than a Blind Man at a Hoorters convention.....LOL!!

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LOL! that was funny Mr. Chet!


Sumo - is their anyway to have some sort of banner or something at the top of the forum page? I think that's how I found out about the throwdown was you guys had some "big" announcement type box that caught my attention, otherwise I wouldn't have known about it.

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That's not a bad idea, Cheryl. Let me suggest that to Brian and Jerry to see what's do-able. Thanks for voting!!

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Yea Laurel, Cheryl is right it was hard to find his thread and I have been looking for a day or two. If you can get it up near then top I would think it would be in everyone mind and we will get more participants and for sure voters. I like the throwdowns and they are fun and can really test your minds limits and boundaries

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<just a gentle reminder that voting closes TONIGHT at midnight, EST>

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When do the judges do their voting?

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They are due tonight by midnight, as well.

Originally Posted by daddyzaring View Post

When do the judges do their voting?

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Voting has closed. The winners have been posted:




Thanks to everyone that participated!

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I'm kind of sad, I put alot of hard work into my stuffed meat balls, and they had an awsome smoke ring, but only got two votes.



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