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Can I foil and cooler spare ribs???

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I'm having a big get together this weekend and some of my guests don't like ribs, so I'm going to do some smoked meatloaf as well. Problem is I cook my meatloaf at a higher temp and with different wood on an MES.  


My question is, if I cook the ribs 3-2-1, is it ok to foil them and place in a cooler while I smoke my meatloaf? I ask because normally with ribs I just pull them out, rest them a few minutes, and then eat em up!!



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Yea I foil mine and let them rest in the cooler all the time while I do other things or if I am just waiting for lunch time. How long are you thinking you will have to foil them for? Just make sure you have some towels in the cooler it will help a lot to keep temps.

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Yepper what he said. You sure can foil the ribs if you want but my question is WHY?? Why do you have to smoke the meatloaf at a higher temp??? I have smoked serveral meatloafs and I always smoke them at regular temp as I do everything else. The only thing I smoke at a higher temp (300°-325°) is chicken and other poultry.

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Thanks for the replys guys.


I will only need to foil them for about 1 1/2 hours. Safe zone shouldn't be an issue for such a short amout of time.


As far as why, simple, not enough room in the inn.     I can only do 4 racks of spares in my MES which is the number I have to do to feed all these folks. Meatloaf will have to go on after they come off. As far as the heat, the MES seems to darken or brown meat like ground beef better at higher temps. I've tried my meatloaf low and slow and it turned out fine but the meat was a weird color, kinda white looking.....

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