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Sunday Brisket

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Wanted to get a smoke in and have q-view ready for the forum changes.  Started Saturday with a 8 1.2 pounder, rubbed it up with Jeff's rub, wrapped it and let it ponder it's future in the fridge overnight. 


Got the smoker (in it's new digs - that will be/is over in the "other builds" threads) ready with a couple chunks of hickory, cherry and apple.  Started at 9am and when all was said and done, exited the smoker at 197 degrees. 


When the forum went down this morning, I pulled the brisket back out of the fridge and sliced it up and have since had some for lunch, and again for supper. 


My Mother and step-father are coming over for dinner tomorrow - yep, brisket again.  Also sent a sampler over to the neighbor and some to a co-worker. I love getting them hooked!!!!


Anyways, thanks for looking!    I'm still trying to learn the new forum but so far I like it. Easier getting pics added!  Can't wait to try video.

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Great looking Qview!!!!! Brisket is awesome!!

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Good looking brisket! 

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