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Sirloin Tip Roast with Qview

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While making room for a case of spare ribs that I bought for $.89 a pound I found this sirloin tip roast.

It is all rubbed and ready for the smoker. From what I read I should take it to 130 and then put it in the fridge to cut up tomorrow for sandwiches tomorrow.

Do I foil this this after a while? Should I put it in a cooler when it gets to 130?

Thank you for all of your help.

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Well you have the temp 130° about right and all. I would just smoke it at about 230-240° with your favorite woods. Now theres no real need to foil it but I would let it rest in the cooler for about an hour or so and then slice some off for a warm sammie. Maybe be with some good cheese lettuce and maybe a home grown tomatoe and real good creamy mayo...........Sorry I was dreaming........ then put in into the refrig for later. It is better to slice meats when they are alittle colder because they will firm up and it's easier to slice them.. Enjoy and more Qview please.
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yep, marks got it right,

pull it off at 130, and then just let it rest, and cool down before wrapping and tossing it in the fridge for slicing the next day.
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One hour in.

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I really like sirloin tip roasts... It's a really good cut of meat. Here in Central Florida Publix has them for $2.69 a pound this week. That's a pretty decent price. Anyway, I take my sirloin tip to 138 and let it rest covered with foil, but not wrapped for 20-30 minutes. It usually goes up to 141, 142. I like it anywhere from med-rare to medium and my family likes it around medium, so 138 is a good compromise. After it rests for about 30 minutes, I slice it in half and take off a slice or two for quality testing biggrin.gif before putting it in the fridge. After it spends the night in the fridge, I use my electric slicer to go nice and thin for sammies. The best roast beef in any deli counter doesn't come close to being as good as my sirloin tip. Plus, it's SO much cheaper that way.
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Finished Product

Into the fridge until tomorrow so I can slice it up. We tried a little and it was unreal.

Thank you for the help everyone.

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