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Those look great Laurel...points.gif
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Great looking Squeef Balls Laurel aka "Dudette"...points.gif
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Those look awesome PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow excellent job points.gif
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Wow, those look great!!! I have been wanting to try a fatty... these like a good simple way to get started!
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icon_redface.gifpoints.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif need I say moreicon_question.gif
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Great name lol they look good.
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Those look great laurel. I really dont call them anything. Sometimes just say my take on moniks. Regaredless of what the correct name for them is they are fantastic...

Now Laurel ya want to try something flat awsome, Find you some Smoked goulda and wrap them in Italian sausage doctored a bit to add some spice to it.. Just describing them I almost drooled on my keyboard :)

We also have basted them in Italian dressing just before pulling :)

Congrats. Now the real fun begins. Much like a fatty you can add anything you want and play with them to taste.
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Cooking the Balls

Just tried my first batch last nite turned out great Thanks Jeff (Bubba) None were left the girls are already asking for more
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Hey Brother Glad they turned out for ya.
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Wow, thanks for posting. I will be trying these Friday! Can't wait!

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Wow!! Isn't it amazing that 3 ingredients can do that! I can't wait to try these, yummo. Thanks for sharing, the photos are awesome!
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