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First spares w/Qview

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I went to Meijer tonight by the house to get some green beans and some early sweet corn for dinner tonight and they had fresh spares (1 slab cut in half to fit in the packing) on sale.

I was firing up the grill to do some chicken breasts so I thought, "I have the 18.5" Weber sitting right there...why not?!"

So here's what I got:

So I got the ribs washed and dried and made my first attempt at St. Louis Style:

That wasn't as hard as I thought. I need a better boning knife though. Getting the silver skin off...that was another story...I gave up on that pretty quick (I'm not the most patient of persons sometimes).

So I threw some of Jeff's rub that I've doctored up a bit and I think my little helper approved:

Actually by the look of the pic, she wasn't really paying that much attention to me...LOL

So yet another first, I tried the minion method in the small kettle. I had about 10 briquettes split in half of a charcoal pan and I lit about 1/3 of a chimney of briquettes and put those in the middle after they were ashed over.

Here they are on the kettle with some apple chunks:

Set my timer for 3 hours on the iPhone:

Now to get ready for the chicken.

I'll update when I get ready to foil.

As always, thanks for looking.
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That cute little helper might be faking----Keep your eyes on the ribs!

Keep us posted---This is gonna be a good one!

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Your helper is a sweetheart! biggrin.gif
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Looks good so far.

One old restaurant tip on the sliver skin/membrane is to slightly slice through it if you cannot remove it, that way it will cook and disintegrate without any issues.
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Off to a good start there
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The ribs are foiled now and about 40 minutes from the last hour. I am so impressed with the kettle that it is going to be my new favorite tool in a pinch.
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Thats great and what a beautiful young lady !!!!!!!!
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Gettin' close

So here are some updated pics:

TBS - hard to see yet again...need to use a camera instead of the iPhone.

I only waivered about 5-10 degrees the whole night:

Here's our actual dinner (rib tips are in the foil):

Here we are at the 3 hour mark of the 3 - 1.5 - 1.5 method:

Into the foil:

Getting late...just put them back on for the last 1.5 hours:

Had to move the tips in to finish them up:

I'm pretty sure they are done. I'm just waiting for them to firm up after a little sauce.

I'll probably pull them off and cut them in the next 20 minutes or so.
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Holy sh***mmmmff...mmfff these are good

Done...and I had to force myself to wait and take these pics before I devoured nearly half a slab.

The tips weren't as good but that's because they didn't get high heat at the end I think...more patience next time.

One half was a little too done...fall off the bone is too done for me but the taste made me not care one bit.

I'll let the pics talk:

The one on the left was done just right as far as texture, but they both tasted as good as I've ever had in a rib house.

Here's the tips...tender and juicy but not the color I was looking for:

Look at the smoke ring:

All cut up and only me to eat them...

Off the bed...I hear the baby crying...3 teeth coming in at once!

Night folks! Sweet pork filled dreams.
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I am going to put you on my X-mas list for a camera. Good job one the smoke. Hope the teething process goes easy for you & the Mrs. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifAnd the points.gifare for being able to manipulate the Kettle to get the job done.
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points.gifGreat job on the St. Louis cut as well as first run with the Minion method. Ribs came out great. I like ribtips...I sort of have em as snacks as the smoke progresses.
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Thanks for the points guys!

I know better with the camera...I have 2 point and shoots and a Canon Rebel Xsi but the iPhone is so much more convenient!

Teething is going well for the baby...other than waking up because she bites her thumb with the new teeth that

Next time I do this, the tips are going to be better...not that these were bad...:)

Snacks for this morning! The guys at work love me.
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Great Job there Indy ! ------------->>points.gif

Thanks for showing,

BTW: A little BBQ sauce should work on those teething gums----Worked for me.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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She like's Dad's homemade sauce! The first sauce she had was Famous Dave's Rich and Sassy...she loves going to FD because they have those lights hanging from the for a chain, they aren't half bad.

Thanks for the points!
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