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Beef Roast....

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Did a rib roast on the Egg tonight. Just gave it a dousing of kosher salt, done indirectly on the Egg with RO lump and some cherry.
Some really TINY potatos to go with the beef...

I was going to sear it on high heat, but it was cooed to the temp I leke so it got no more grill time.
Washed it all douwn with a little.....

Sorry for the pics - used my cell phone...
I have found my favorite way to cook thick cuts of beef.
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Looks good, Elly. Can't go wrong with beef and cherry.
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Kitchen Sink wine? PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif Love the name of it!
That roast looks great, what temp did you bring it to?
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I pulled it at 125ish and let it rest. My plan was to sear it after that but if I put it on the grill any longer I figured it would be over done.

The Kitchen Sink wine is nice it's a blended wine- dry red, which is what we like.

I think I ate too much though....icon_rolleyes.gif
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Oh my, that beef rib does look really good. As Dawn mentioned, beef & cherry? Winner every time!

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really nice, the beef roast looks great
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looks great EM... woud have loved to seen a pic of that sliced. love rib roast on cherry. actually your cell takes pretty good pics... thks for sharing!!!points.gif
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Just right. it needs to be eaten, hurry before they know ...

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