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yea i tried using the applewood chips in my CG and my temps would bounce around like that too.. i think chunks would probably do alot better
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You will love smoking a shoulder! My family loves them. On a side note, my dad just brought me over some pieces of his apple tree he cut down last year! By the way, nice looking brisket.
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Looks Great, it has an awesome smoke ring and looks tasty.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I started posting a reply and hit the wrong key accidentally & lost everything I wrote yesterday...

Don't feel guilty when you find a bargain like that!

We rarely see briskets around here and I found one last year at a Super Walmart. It was $1.89/lb marked down to $1.30/lb. I made it a couple days ago after finding it in the basement freezer. It was an 11.3 lb packer brisket. Under $15!

I marinated it in soy sauce and rubbed it with homemade garlic powder (Martin's, Georgia Crystal, Polish Hardneck, Burgundy, Cuban Purple, Wonha, Simonetti, Music, others) & pepper powder (Pasilla Bajio, Joe E. Parker, NuMex Eclipse, Jalapeno, Paprika, etc) and crushed black pepper.

I did it Jeff's way, in a tin pan, but after it hit 185 I put it right on the grate to bark up the bottom for another 45-60 minutes. I started it at midnite and it was at 185 around 10am. For my first brisket I thought it was excellent, but not a real lot of smoke taste--I use an MES and used a mix of pecan and a very small amount of mesquite; maybe I should have tried hickory or cherry?

The point was a little tougher than expected so cubed it and may try the burnt ends gig or the food processor to shred it up. Does anyone know if I can I do this the following day or 2? Sorry I didn't mean to hijack the thread, I just didn't want to start another First Brisket thread since I started talking about great prices anyway.
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Man, that looks great. I hope mine turns out that good!
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Nice job,,I am learning BBQ goes well with most anything anytime...points.gif
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