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2nd brisket with qview

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First off, I have only made one brisket before, it was so-so, this is one confusion hunk of meat for me anyways, I am a relative newb when it comes to smoking (beef especially) so I get nervous about spending 12 hours with a piece of meat that is notorious for drying out. I rubbed it down with a blend of seasonings, and threw it in the smoker, and hoped for the best, it wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either, I have a feeling it's gonna take a lot more gos at this before I get er down pat. anyways, on to the qview!

crappy cell phone picture (was at a friend's) rubbed down and ready to go in the fridge for the night.

pulled at 185 and let rest for about 3 hours in the cooler with towels.

all ready to go, my friend and I are trying to get a bid for a catering job here in town for a golf tournament, the guy who is in charge of it usually goes with a commercial outfit from Kearney (skeeter barne's bbq restaraunt if ya know it), so we thought we'd make a little sampler platter for him at his superbowl party, everyone was pretty impressed, but like I said, I wasn't too thrilled, hopefully we get the bid, even with sub par brisket (it's still better than skeeter barne's brisket though) thanks for looking!
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Well it may be sub par to you but it looks real good in the qview. Just keep on cooking them it gets easier and better the more you do
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No doubt about it! You may want to try a full packer, untrimmed sometime...quite the experience and super-good eating as well.

Practice makes perfect, so keep plugging away when you can.

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You said it was sub par, but you didn't say exactly what you didn't like about it. Was it tough, bland, etc?
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parts of it were dry, flavor was good, especially with the sauce, I have this thing about brisket, when I was little, my old man made brisket a couple times, like for my birthday and what not. It was sooo damn good, and I don't know if it was actually that good, or if the years of remembering how good it was has mutated in my brain to an unattainable level of awesomeness..I haven't had good brisket since, all of the restaraunts up here are junk, so i'm beginning to think that maybe it's my memories playing tricks on me.
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Exactly what was sub par about it ? You can get plenty of help by posting your feelings on it being subpar .It looks juicy .
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Theres one thing you forget and thats we are our worst crea****s on our food for sure. I can always find something wrong with my meat. I just think you night be being alittle too hard on yourself. I do it all the time.
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'preciate it man, hope you're right points.giffor you cause you give em to me lots! thanks again
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Sure looks good to me. Thanks for the Qview.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice thing about the smoking hobby is you can eat your practice !
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