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Cheese with new toy--

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Just got this in the mail today. So boy did I try it out. Got my fingers crossed. Had my 2.5 year old grand son over to baby set. Man does he ever have energy. lol So I stayed pretty busy all afternoon.

Came a long way to get to my house--

came with some dust--

missed a bunch of pics due to babysetting--

you can see the thin smoke in the above pic, this was right as I was going to stop smoking, just around 3 hours--

did a bunch of cheeses--

this shows how far 3 hours of burning and smoking went , could of smoked 10 more hours I think--

Let them set about an hour, then vac sealed and into the fridge for a couple of weeks. They set oak dust with it, but I ordered some apple from a different site and used it today. My temp in the MES stayed at 59 or 60 degrees the whole smoke. The dust burner worked perfect. I got a feeling I am going to love this little duster.icon_smile.gificon_smile.gif
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OMG, all that cheese looks fantastic. The hardest part of smoking cheese?.....
The wait till one can eat em. Looks great, job well done.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Chees Looks Great, I am going to smoke some later this week...
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Awesome job!
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That looks great! Looks like something that could be home built if a guy wanted to try. What was the cost on it?
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Now that as cool a contraption as I've seen in awhile! Fine looking cheese too. My wife won't eat smoked cheese so I haven't bothered to do any just for myself. Might try it if I had something like that.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Hmm that is new to me. I might have to look into one of those. Right now I just do the old soldering gun in the tin can trick.
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Exactly how does the cold smoke generator work?
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Now thats a neat smoker. Great job on the cheese, I have some in the smoker right now, my first try.
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Here is the link--

Total cost was $ 43.28
It is very well made, sturdy, should last a long time. If you like smoked cheese it would pay for itself very quickly.
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Going by the temp you stated, you made a great purchase of a cold smoker. The cheese looks great. Points to you my friend.
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[quote=Beerbelly;427604]Just got this in the mail today.


Dude, you had me totally freaked out when I first started to read this.

The cheese looks great. Hope it turns out tasty, since you did a ton of it. I think I saw treege using one of these.
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hey thanks for the info just ordered one myself
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I've used the 2 briquet method in my wsm, but just ordered one of these as well. Will certainly pay for itself after just a few loads of cheese, and not fighting the temp spikes will be wonderful.

Where has anyone bought other flavors of dust?

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