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How Do I make AU JUS?

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Preparing to smoke the Rib Roast Christmas Morning. First time and I need to know this Au Jus process.

I have beef much do I put in the smoker under the roast? And what else do I do or add. Do I need to add the "Au Ju Packet" in the smoker to or mix and de-fat it while it is resting?

Thanks for any advice. Au Jus is too short for the SEARCH option.
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Follow the package, put under the roast with some thinly sliced onions. Adjust the flavors when it is done, Strain the onions and put in the freezer and skim the fat. Reheat and use it over the prime.
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Try this.

It is using Google to search the site rather than using the search here.
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what he said......glad yer back at it.
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Thank you. Sounds easy enough.
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+1 on that!
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If the packet says for example says use with a cup of water, pour the juices into a measuring cup and add water till the total volume is a cup of liquid.

Make sure the juices and any water are either boiling or just about to boil when you add the dry mix from the packet. Be ready to stir the mix with a whisk immediately, this will prevent lumps.

Should you get any lumps just force them thru a wire strainer.

If your au jus is too thin, simmer till it thickens to how you want it.
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