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Couldn't help it! Full Packer for Saturday's Dinner- Qview - Page 4

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That's money. Awesome thread. Good job Eric.
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Looks absolutely perfect Eric!
burnt ends had that perfect falling apart/separating/melted down fat beauty to them and the flat was nothing short of beauty...great colorful smoke ring and looked really tender and moist.
Great job!!!
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I am definately saving this thread for later use!!!!!
Thank you for all the excellent info!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nothing else to say about this post other than Superb.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Just incredible!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow, quite the responses! Guess I better get caught up here!

You're Welcome...been a pleasure!

Thanks, Man! Yeah, I had waaaaaaaaay too many moments with this smoke to be selfish and not share any! LOL!!!


Thanks, was alot of fun, even though my brains felt blenderized after about the 18th hour!!! LOLOLOL!!!!!

You're welcome, I hoped someone could find it beneficial for future!!!

Thanks, brother smoker!!!!!!


Hey, all....I had some more to share on this, but never got around to it yesterday...I was in pretty dire-straights by the time I logged off and went to go and do eyelid inspections...I also did a soft-drive defragmentation (brains were melted), so, now, I have a dedicated hard-drive again!!! LOLOLOL!!!!!!!

Man, what a thanks to everyone who's been following this....really gives a fellow smoker a good boost of enthusiasm and ambition!

Thanks again!

I'll be back with the final (I think) update & pics! OK, no there should be 2 more updates, cause were doin' sliced toasted brisky flat and cheese sammies for dinner tonight!!!!!! Just found this out...I know, it's a teaser, but I gotta play nice & share with my smokin' brothers & sisters!!!!!!!

See ya in a few!!

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Sauce Base from the drip pan.....

I thought I'd toss this one out here too, since I took a couple hundred pics throughout this entire smoke...may as well inject some of actual final prep work as well.

The Sauce Base was from the drip pan under the brisky, which spent about 18-1/2 or so hours in the smoker getting happy. My original intention was to have this base for a finishing sauce for the flat...heh, didn't need it at all though, so it ended up in a Rubbermaid container and off to the freezer for future smokin' adventures.

I placed the 12" x 18" baking pan from the Vault into my cold SNP for chilling to allow the fat to surface and solidify. Then picked up the fat with a flat wooden spoon for discarding into a covered can. Works really slick...if you've never tried a sauce base from your drip pan, or this prep method, I recommend easy it should be illegal! LOL!!!!

I pulled the pan out after putting the BEs into the Vault for their final smoke. This pic was shot after I got the flat wrapped up and resting...probably 10-12 minutes after pulling it to cool:

Aaaah, that's what I wanted to see...cold and solid fat ready to break and toss in a can:

I like the color so far, smells good too:

Now, I'm ready for that strainer...I do think that next time I make this, I'll mince everything into the initial liquid, and then I can toss all the goodies with the base liquids into a blender after fat removal...That would be REALLY good:

I just had to throw this one in...Cappuccino is not just for keeping you awake during a 24-hour smoke...they make great grease receptacles, too.....LOLOLOL!!!!!!!:

Most of the larger pieces came out with the fat, not much got caught in the coarse strainer:

And, lastly, approx, 1.75 qts of strained liquids, which will make a great base for a brown sauce, finishing sauce or brown gravy!!!.......yum for all of 'em...btw, this stuff has virtually no salt and still tastes great just the way it is...nice smokey goodness, a little beefy, onion, garlic and a touch of aroma from the bay leaves:

I may have to toss some celery, carrots and few other veggies into the pan next time...that would make for a truely awesome beef/vegetable stock.

I just had to share this with everyone, as it didn't feel right not to. It gave me alot of ideas for future smokes...sauce bases for Bbq sauce, finishing sauce,, think of the possibilities!!!!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed this journey as much as I/we did.....been a blast!!

I'll post up a brisket-melt for ya to drool over when some are daughter's putting that together right now!!!!!! (slurp) tongue.gif

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Sunday Dinner...Brisky Melt and fresh cut Garden Salad

As promised...Salad has black olives, tomato, cucumber, iceburg lettuce, crourons and catalina dressing.

Flat was sliced cold and placed on toast to heat under fresh-grated melting mozzerella cheese under the broiler:


Ooooh, gotta burn another brisky sometime soon...but the all-nighters have to be trimmed back just a touch...I'll figure out a way to make it happen!

Later, thanks!

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Woah, I finally got a chance to go through this thread from start to finish and found some posts I missed...

Thanks John, I was draggin' before it was over, but, I kinda asked for it when I dropped the chamber temps during the stall...might not of been ranked up there as one of my brightest ideas! LOLOL!!!!!! That huge drip pan had quite an impact on the plateau as well, and I think laying the brisky with the fat cap down had some buffering of the meat.

Thanks, that's a chunk of change for one of THE ALL-TIME NASTIEST cuts of beef on the steer...well, at least until it lands in the hands of a capable smoker owner...LOL!!! Really though, since we've found them @ wally world for $1.86 (70 mile R/T drive), and Sam's @ $1.88 (180 mile R/T drive), I can do one a month and not even put a dent in the Bbq budget...gotta love that.

Now, for chuckies, round/rump, and alot of other "lesser" cuts, we get fried at the checkout...still looking for chucks @ less than $3.29....

That's funny!!!!!!!! Man, that was a long night, I guess...I think I got your question mostly answered yesterday...I really fell down with the forum by early morning and lost track of what was going on...icon_redface.gif

Oh well, smoke went great considering a couple lessons learned, and food was fantastic...glad I lived to tell about it!!! LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again!

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That is a thing of beauty!!! Nice work!!!
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You keep saying Thanks. On the contrary, "Thank You" for such a herculian effort. Step-by-step, blow-by-blow, they oughta make a movie of your effort. At least there ought to be a sticky on this baby. There's going to be alot of people being referred to this one as a how to. Just goes to show, if you've got a GOSM or any other propane style unit, better make sure you've got a spare bottle handy, just in case.

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I wanted to say to Eric: Thank you so much for this thread. I had a question about trimming a brisket & Eric showed me this thread. Another thing about this thread, I never heard about BE's either until I joined this forum.
Eric, you have helped me so much & just want to say"
"Thank You" "Thank You" Eric
can't wait for my next wife & son will be surprised.
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An epic tale in the making, and coming soon Eric vs Brisket in a steel cage death match. Nice thread and very helpful to newbies like me, and other smokers as well, thanks Eric, for the pics, info, and the entertainment points.gif
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