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Chuck Roast Request

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Hey all,

Fairly new smoker and am requesting some input from you seasoned veterans.
I am going to smoke a Chuck roast this weekend on my ECB. I already had the meat in the freezer so I decided to try it instead of buying something else.
I have charcoal briquettes, with chunks of apple wood, hickory and oak available.

Initial thoughts were coat in mustard than apply a rub and let sit overnight in fridge/ice chest. Smoke at 225 until internal temp is 180.
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What type of chuck? 180º internal---so you plan on slicing it?
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I'd bump the temp of the smoker (240ish) and the finished temp of the chuck roast to 205° for pulling.
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If your doing a beef BBQ with the roast... I'd say your good to go. If you want a roast, potato, carrot kind of thing.. rub it down with EVO and season with a little onion powder, garlic and CBP. At 180 you may be ok for slicing but it's not going to fall apart unless you get it somewhere between 190 and 205. I check them by the resistance to the temp probe. If it's nice and tender at 190 I'll pull it. You'll be able to tell. I would take it to at least 185 for a chuck myself even for slicin.
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What they all said. I agree with everyone else here If you are going to slice the meat then 180 is good but if you want it to be really tender and juicey I would take it to about 200-205 and then it will falling apart tender and delish.
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I take chucks to 205° then pull the meat. Makes for some awesome sammies! Makes me wanna do one now.
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Thanks all. I am drooling just getting ready to do this! Off to mix up some rub.
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Don't forget the Qview!
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Agreed, I always pull my chuckies.
Don't use mustard on mine, just rub with olive oil and then rub but mustard works perfectly fine, I just prefer the olive oil on most of my meats.
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