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Is this an older Master Build Smoker...?

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Just picked up a stainless MasterBuild smoker yesterday. I've been reading a ton of post trying to get a starting point and see it mentioned about the upgraded version of smokers.

This smoker is stainless on all sides and I believe its the 30" size. Its a Cajun Injector smoker, which I believe is built by MB. The side "trap door" where you add the chips is a spring loaded door and not a tray like the pics I've seen on here. From the door is a down sloping tube that feeds the internal burn tray.

I picked it up for $89, but want to make sure its not a "problem unit". Model number is 22174.01940

Thanks for any help!
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Maybe if you posted a picture (Qview here) we could help you to figure out how old your smoker is ? If you would please stop into Roll Call and intrduce yourself and we could give you the proper welcome that we like to give to new members too.
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Cajun Injector is made by Masterbuilt, or at least mine was. It's about 2 years old. Sounds like possibly an older model?..... Is there a vent on top?... I've heard some of the older ones did not have a vent on top.
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Sounds just like mine by the description and I just completed making the much talked about electrical repair. My best guess is to be prepared to put new wire and or electrical terminals on it soon.
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I am pretty sure I saw a Cajun Injector at Cabelas the other day. I looked like a masterbuilt except that instead of a horizontal pull out "half pipe" for adding chips it had a tube at a 30 degree angle for adding chips or pellets. I did not look that close.
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Dang Mballi3011, your like the Newbie police I have noticedPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif. No one gets past you without introducing themselves. Thats good though, at least someone is making sure that were all friends and not strangers PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif.
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