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First smokey meatloaf

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Hey, I just smoked my first meatloaf today. I used cherry and mequite wood. It was a four pound monster, it took about 5 hours to cook. All the family loved it. I thought it could have been a little more smokey in flavor but they said it was perfect. I definitely have to smoke another meatloaf soon! Thanks for all the tips from everyone here!

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Glad to hear you will be rolling some fatties up and smokin them
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Smoked meatloaf rocks. Congratulations on your first.

Now stop over into the Roll Call room and introduce yourself.
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Did you smoke it in that pan? If so that might be why it didn't get more smoke flavor, next time use a grate you can put it directly on. Looks good the way you did it though
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I agree with pandemonium. I like to smoke my meatloaf on a sheet of tinfoil with holes punched around the meat loaf to let the fat escape. and more of the meat is exposed.

In any case great looking loaf!! Thanks for sharing
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I agree...I do mine in an aluminum loaf pan for one hour, then I cut the pan down the corners and slide the loaf out onto the rack. Works like a charm every time, and you'll get great smoke on the loaf.

nice job!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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you can get these at walmart for 3 bucks and you can put them in dishwasher and reuse because they wont rust
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Get a rack like this one. Nonstick.

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Hey, thanks for the suggestions, I will be sure to use that method next time. I did make holes in the bottom of the pan so the fat could drain into a second pan that was underneath it. I definitely need to get one of those racks!
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The meatloaf still looks great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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