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North Carolina PPB Trio

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First time barbecuing butt's to order! Got three orders in for this weekend, one with two-dozen ABT's on-the-side. No worries~ I've got an SnP and load of pecan wood!

Saturday will do the barbecuing. The order with the ABT's is for pick-up...I'll call when it's ready in the afternoon. The other two for delivery at work on Monday. PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

Picked up some nice butts for $1.29/lb...missed last week's sale. Oh well.

Got the ingredients for my dry-rub....

And the goods for the ABT's. Forgot to put out the cream cheese, no biggie, just regular Philadelphia CC..none of the fat-free stuff. The bowl has the rub all made up and ready for the meat. The ABT's will be canoe'd so I can de-seed them and tone down the heat by request.

I'll post progress pics starting tommorrow morning as we go through the 'que!
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Cant wait to see the end results. nice back of rub you got there
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looking good so far! can't wait to see the progress and results.

are you going to mustard-slather before the rub?
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Those are some sexy looking butts John icon_wink.gif

Good to see you're (hopefully) feeling better.
Make sure to give that pork a taste test before you fill the orders, gotta make sure it's delicious, right? PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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looks good so far........
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Hey thanks Rando...maek a pile and jar the rest~ I vacuum pack the leftovers when I make a bunch to save time later on.

Tas~ It's gonna get better! No mustard slather this time. Three ladies wanting PPB and after talking to them they prefer their bark "minimal". No worries on that , we cook to please. Minimal bark means no mustard in part....plus a close eye on the barbecue. Piece of cake if that's how they want it.

Thanks FiU! I am feeling much better from 2 weeks of crappy hell. Sure will pull a piece o' fat to taste 'fore I hand it ovah!
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You vacuum seal the rub? That's a great idea.
Whenever I make a big batch of the chipotle rub I would spoon it into several shakers and pint size jars, never thought to vacuum seal it.
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Those look like some great butts you have to work with, will be watching for the end results...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thats a good start you so far there John. I do like the vaccum sealer with the rub idea That would make allot of sence to.
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Hey thanks guys, and yes vacuum sealing rub is the way to go for long term storage. U ised to put it in pint canning jars with a tight lid (which worked fine) but the sealed packets take less space and don't break if they fall tongue.gif

Okay, by 0600 this morning the butts weere rubbed and the SnP pulled out of the garage.

Fixing to light the charcoal chimney and prep my base of coals for the barbecue. Will continue to post as the smoke progresses and also post shots of the ABT's.

Thanks for lookin' at my cookin'!
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looking pretty awesome so far, john ~ i'll be keeping an eye on things with ya!

that rub looks fantastic ~ is it the same recipe as your standard carolina rub?
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Looks Great John...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Do You always rub your butt that early? icon_mrgreen.gif
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Not this time, Ron. It's my take on Magic Dust...a good rub on it's own, but I tweak it a bit with what you see in the pic at the top of the thread and some unmentioned magic ingredients I add to give it more depth. icon_mrgreen.gif That flavor combo seems to go real well with pork.

Here's the butts on the grill, hot and TBS'ing-

Going to spritz with plain old pulp-free orange juice. That gives this recipe the best results and flavor. Here we are at two hours running steady at 250F and thin blue smoke.

The three butts are definitely a noticeable mass-change in the SnP than I am used to. Looks like its gonna take longer than the 4 or 5 hrs I'm used to at this point, but who knows. Smells real good, too!

I'll start putting the ABT's together in a couple hours and post pics of that too.
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I just went outside and took a whiff, guess I can't smell them from Jersey, but they are looking good so far.
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looking EXCELLENT!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looking good. Keep the qview coming.
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While the porkies are smoking, I started on the ABT's. Three cheeses (Mozz, Italian mix & Sharp Cheddar) plus cream cheese and a bit of Tajin seasoning.

Canoe'd the Jalapenos and deveined/deseeded. Piled on the filling then some nice bacon overwrap and we're looking good-

Gonna provide 2 dozen for the order, the couple extra are to make sure they're done right biggrin.gif

And here's the spritz check a little over 4 hours....looking pretty good-

This rub marries well with the OJ spritz. Smells terrific. Thanks for looking and stay posted, 'cause the best is yet to come!
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Looking good!
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those abts...what are they called exactly and how in the world do you cook those...smoker or oven...them things look good?
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ralph, you are in for a treat ~

an ABT stands for "atomic buffalo turd;" basically, it is a hollowed-out jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon, and then smoked/barbecused for about an hour, and hour and a half. you can do things to control the heat, such as remove the seeds and veins; you can also cook them fast (hotter) or slow (milder). thin bacon works best for wrapping as it has a "shrink-wrap" effect when it is cooking.

as for the cream cheese filling, this is very much open to interpretation. there are so many varieties of things due to adding stuff to the cream cheese that the only limit is your imagination. i recently did some ABTs with some shredded cheddar, crab meat, old bay seasoniong and minced spring onions with a little worcestershire, lemon juice and a drop or two of tabasco ~ WOW they were great.

by "go-to" ABT cream cheese mixture is very simple but very good, just a little worcestershire and lawry's seasoning salt added to the cream cheese.
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