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Friday night turkey legs w/QV

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Cold and rainy day here in MI, got the Red Wings playing on the computer in the corner of the screen while I work from home today. Picked these up cheap a week or so ago. Brined them all night using the recipe found on SMF and here. Rubbed them up a bit ago, getting the MES ready to go. Will post more later.

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Looking Good So Far, Keep the Qview Coming...
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Good luck with the turkey legs, man are they ever good.
Are you planning on eating the skin? If not then you could always rub a little of the rub under the skin to penetrate the meat better.
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Looks like this will not happen, the MES controller that died, then lived, has died for good now. I just ordered one from MB over the phone. In the interim, I am going to toss them on my gas grill with my old smoker box and see what happens. FACK!
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That sucks icon_neutral.gif

Sorry to hear the controller is done for. Good luck with the gas grill, hopefully they will still pick up enough smoky goodness.
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Well all in all I kind of pulled one out of my butt, I had put the legs back in the fridge to cook in the oven later so as to not waste them, putting them in the oven around 6pm. The MES controller pissed me off enough that I took to tinkering with it enough to get it working again. I figured I'd sacrifice the legs to the smoke gods if the MES failed again but after 2.5 hours in the smoker at 225 +/- I pulled them out and this was the result. The internal temp is at 195 and they are resting under a tin foil tent on a foil lined tray for a few before I mow on one.

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Mental note: in the recipe link provided, it says 8 turkey legs. I only used it on 3. Be sure to downsize as needed, or you will end up with some salty legs. I had to pitch the skin on all three of these but the meat was spot on tender and flavorful after the long brine and half-assed smoke.
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Well thats how we learn is that we have to eat our mistakes and some are good but then some aren't so good. Just remember next ime to atch the recipe alitle closer.
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At least you got them smoked and they were edible, besides the skin.
Great job, now I'm in the mood for some turkey legs.
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