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double smoking a ham

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I pick up a picnic ham and want to smoke it. I know I saw a thread on it once but can't find it. I heard twiced smoked are the best. What temp do you recommend I get it up to?
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Try this
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Thanks Piney. I will do it tomorrow. I plan on smoking at 240 until internal temp is 150. Sound ok?
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I can usually take or leave oven baked ham - however absolutely loved my double smoked ham. I rubbed with mustard and put my rub on it - gave a nice bark - though would recommend using one with a not as much salt as the ham will already have plenty of that.
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I have never double smoked a ham before I always start with fresh hams and go in for the long haul. Like you I have heard here of people doing it but I guess it's all good.
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I've never cured and smoked a fresh ham, but it's on the to do list!

I do double smoke hams often. As said above, a mustard slather and then rub. I use a rub heavy in brown sugar and the mustard helps ya pack a bunch of it on there. I smoke with pecan until the ham gets to ~150°. I will normally do these over or in a small pan to catch the run off juices. Neat the end of the cook, I'll spoon the juices back over the ham to glaze.

Here is one from last Christmas

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