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Meat curing book?

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I am sure that someone here has read a great meat curing book. I want to learn the proper ways to cure and maybe a few recipes. How about a book on making sausage. Kind of general questions, but I need something else to read!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Everyone should own the sausage book by Rytek Kutas. Lots of meat curing, sausage making and smoking information.
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Thanks guys, consider it ordered (well after a cup of coffee!).
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By far the best one out there. "Great sausage recipes and meat curing" by Rytek Kutas. The 4th edition. Considered by most to be the bible when it comes to smoking meats. 550 pages that cover everything you will want and need to know including a boatload of recipes.
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Another option, I have this one- very informative as well-
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Ordered! Now I have to wait till Thursday to sink my teeth into it!icon_mrgreen.gif
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