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Fattie, Sausage and Stick Pics

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Took a few pictures of the meat we made this weekend, the fattie was very tasty, thanks to everyone that helped with that one.
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Nice job Iowa...Looks great. Some points for you in this one...
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That looks awesome nice job on all of it PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Picture of some of my meat equipment.
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Thats some good lookin sausage there. Is it all beef or you got some venison in there too? That an 11lb Cabelas stuffer I see? Looks just like mine. Send me a map and I'll be right up. LOL
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Nice job! Everything looks great. What was the filling in the fattie?
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Great job and great pics!!! Thanks for the post!

(BTW: send some of those stick to DSM if a have a spare second . . . icon_wink.gif)


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Thanks for the compliments. Put pizza fixings in the fatties. Some of the sticks were pork and deer, some were pork and beef, sausage was deer and pork. I also made 25 pounds of Landjaegers that were pork and deer. Out of deer now so I'm done for a while with the sausage making, bow season can't get here quick enough!!!!

Here is a pic of last years archery deer. 190" and some change.
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Nice looking Smoke Iowa. and a great Buck too. I am just getting started with the sausage making so don't know much about it. Going to try my hand at old fashioned weiners this weekend. I just hope they turn out as good as yours look. points.gif
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I tried the old fashion weiners, I liked them o.k. The rest of the family was not as thrilled with them as everything else I've made so I haven't made them in a few years. Please let me know how they turn out! Good luck!
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Nice looking sausage! Like your set up for production also.
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Really nice job on everything!!!!!points.gif

Now, tell the truth!!!! You snuck into Illinois to get that buck, didn't you. lol biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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One Shot,
I live about 15 miles from where the Albia buck (Louvsten) buck was shot and we had a couple more 190+ bucks shot around here where we hunt last year, don't need to sneek into Ill. but not a horrible idea, you have some monsters over there too!!!!rolleyes.gif
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